The opening of Rune Factory 3 is entitled "Happiness" by Yazumi Kana.
As a second opening, see also : Kaze_no_Yō_ni

なんども なんども 叫んで想い打ち上げていた

(たいしたことない 普通の日々が 一番なによりも 幸せ。)
大切な人の笑顔を見れば 素直に喜んでいたのに‥

ふと気づいたときは 二つの歯車はもう
微妙にズレだして すれ違い始めていた

なんども なんども 閉ざしたはずの思い出が
心の扉 すり抜けてきて
毎日 消せないきみを思い出させる

気がつけばいつも ため息ばかり

嬉しい感情は どうやって感じていたっけ?
思い出せないよ ずっと 耐えられない I miss you

なんども なんども 違った居場所を探した
それでも きみじゃなきゃ なんも感じない
優しい 腕に抱かれ 眠りたいよ

問いかけていた Where's the LOVE
答えは It's NOT EASY
そのまま Stay FOREVER
またきみに Falling LOVE Tonight..

なんども なんども 叫んで想い打ち上げたから

数えきれないくらいに 傷つけ合ったから
そろそろ 幸せに暮らそうね
毎日 二人がいいね 愛してるよ。

nandomo nandomo sakende omoi uchiagete ita
hayaku mukae ni kite

(taishita kotonai futsuu no hibi ga ichiban nani yorimo shiawase)
tanjun na koto ni kizukenakatta
taisetsu na hito no egao o mireba sunao ni yorokonde ita no ni...

futo kidzuita toki wa futatsu no haguruma wa mō
bimyou ni zure dashite surechigai hajimete ita

nandomo nandomo tozashita hazu no omoide ga
kokoro no tobira surinukete kite
mainichi kesenai kimi o omoidasaseru
koe ga kikitai, ima

kigatsukeba itsumo tameiki bakari
kangae sugite hidoku tsukareta

ureshii kanjou wa douyatte kanjite itakke?
omoidasenai zutto taerarenai I miss you

nandomo nandomo chigatta ibasho o sagashita
soredemo kimi ja nakya nanmo kanjinai
yasashii ude ni dakare nemuritai yo
hada ni furetai, ima

toikakete ita Where's the LOVE
kotae wa It's NOT EASY
kimi ga iru koto HAPPINESS
sonomama Stay FOREVER
mata kimi ni Fall LOVE tonight..

nandomo nandomo sakende omoi uchiageta kara
yatto mukae ni kite kureta n' da ne

kazoekirenai kurai ni kizutsukeatta kara
sorosoro shiawase ni kurasou ne
mainichi futari ga ii ne aishiteru yo
yasashii kaze no naka...

Crying and crying I launched up my thoughts,
come soon to see me

"It's not a big deal, the common days are the happiest ones"

I didn't realize the simple things,
just looking the smile of the person I love really made me happy...

When I realized it the 2 gears
were already delicately slipping, they started to pass by one another

The memories I tried & tried to shut
slip through the heart's door
Everyday I think of you, can't erase you,
I want to hear your voice now

When I realize it I can't do anything but sigh
Thinking of you awfully tires me

How are happy feelings felt again?
I can't remember, I can't bear it
I miss you

I searched & searched for our places
but without you I don't feel anything
I want to sleep embraced by your gentle arms
I want to touch your skin now

I keep asking WHERE'S THE LOVE?
The answer is IT'S NOT EASY
If you're with me HAPPINESS
Again with you FALL IN LOVE TONIGHT...

Crying and crying I launched up my thoughts,
come soon to see me

I was hurt so many times
I want to be gradually happy
It'd be great to be with you everyday, I love you
Inside gentle wind...

Fly higher
and higher
Let wings of love come flying over me
while my heart is calling out...
for you.

Although it's just another day
a day before tomorrow
I don't know why I took it for granted
with you by my side!
Cry, then I have come to realize,
two hearts that were together, now they're apart
I wish I had the kind of power
to turn the tide and turn back the time!

Fly higher and higher
Let wings of love come flying over you
let me be the one to hold you close and give you happiness
Without you There's nothing in this world to carry on
So I'm sending all my love
To you.

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