First Generation Requests

Please Get Me an Amethyst

Reward : 400 G

Please Get Me an Aquamarine

Reward : 600 G, and 100 pieces of wood

"Sorry, but can you get this for me too?"
Mine one from Trieste Forest. They can be quite rare sometimes so you should prepare one before taking the quest.

Please Get Me Some Sturdy String

Reward : 600 G

Find a Diamond for Me

Reward : 700 G

I've Got Something for You

Reward : Blessing Pendant

Second Generation Requests

I Have Something to Give to Roy

Reward : 400 G

Give an Accessory to Yue for Me

Reward : 600 G

Go Get Something from Cammy for Me

Reward : 600 G and a page for the spell book Sonic Wind : Missing Page 2.