Birthday Fall 15
Birthday Gift Amethyst Ring
Family Dorothy (older daughter), Cammy (younger daughter)
"I got a scar over my right eye fighting a dragon in my youth...A warrior? Look at how I'm dressed. I'm obviously a priest!"

Gordon (ゴードン, Gordon) is Cammy and Dorothy's father. In his youth, he used to be a warrior, battling monsters and such. He, Douglas, and Natalie are long-time friends; you can see them drinking together on festivals in the clinic. Now that he's older, he and Douglas still have some sort of a rivalry in which they argue about who is stronger or manlier.

Gordon is also the village priest. Though he swears a life of peace now, he hints at a more aggressive youth. He also has a hidden talent for making rings, brooches, and other types of jewelry.

Gordon will spend most of his time in the church. Though on festivals/holidays, he can be found in the clinic with Natalie and Douglas.

Gordon likes Proof of Warrior and Pumpkins, and he dislikes Wooly Furballs. His birthday is Fall 15th, and the special gift is Amethyst Ring (which can be purchased from Yue in the first generation, and made yourself in the second). Due to a game glitch, he won't accept the gift in the first generation, but he will in the second.


You've brought me something good! I just can't resist these. Thanks!

Boiled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie,

Neutral (First Generation)
Oh, You're giving this to me? Thanks, I'll take it.

Trash, Pumpkin Pudding, Gold Pumpkin, Large Fleece, Courage Badge

I don't really need this... Hey, you! Don't ever bring me one of these again! I'm allergic to Woolies!

Wooly Furball

You're giving me a PROOF OF WARRIOR? I can feel the excitement rushing in my blood just by looking at it.

Proof of Warrior

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