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1st Request

Name : Need some help.

Requirements : None (Part of Tutorial)

Found at : B.Board

Actual Message : Looking for someone to get iron for me.

Reward : Rusty Hammer

Conversation :

Micah: "Hey there, Gaius. I got your request..."

Gaius: "Ah, you did? I just ran out of materials to forge."

Gaius: "Do you think you could get some IRON for me?"

Micah: "Sure!"

Gaius: "You'll need a hammer to mine for it though. Here, use this one."

  • Chest Appeared*

Micah: "Really? Are you sure?"

Gaius: "Yeah, it's no problem. Anyway, to mine for ore, you're going to want to hit the gray rocks you see in PRIVERA FOREST and other dungeons."

Micah: "Geay rocks, you say?"

Gaius: "Yeah, gray rocks. Oh, also, you can mine with any kind of hammer, even those used for battle."

Micah: "I see..." Gaius: "Oh, and if you accidently lose you hammer, we have lots of them here at the shop."

Micah: "Great! Thanks!" Gaius: "Well, I'm not going to give you a new one for free.

Micah: "Uh, so I have to buy a new hammer from you if I lose this one...?" Gaius: "Yes. So I suggest not losing it. Thanks for your help!

  • Give him an IRON*

Gaius: "Oh, thank you!"

  • Screen'll fade a second and Raven will be there*

Gaius: "Thanks, Micah. Now I can keep on working."

Micah: "Wait, you've been working this whole time?"

Gaius: "Yeah, I think I'd fall asleep instantly if I put my hammer down."

Micah: "Heh, well, I don't know about THAT..."

Raven: "..."

Gaius: "Since you got this iron for me, though, I can keep going for a while longer."

Gaius: "Thanks."

Micah: "You're Welcome."

Gaius: "Now, I should give you something in return for your help."

Raven: "Why don't you give him you hammer...?

Gaius: "Mine? Why mine?"

Raven: "A newer hammer would be an improvement over what he currently has..."

Raven: "You'd like Gaius' hammer, right...?"

Micah: "What? Uh, sure... I mean, if it's being offered..."

Gaius: "I don't mind. Here you..."

Gaius: "Huh? My eyes... Can't...keep...them..."

  • Gaius fell asleep*

Micah: "Gaius! Are you all right?!"

Raven: "He's fine... He just fell asleep..."

Micah: "Uh... Did he really fall asleep because he let go of his hammer?"

Raven: "Gaius has a one-track mind when he's forging. It's all he can think about."

Raven: "That's why I always try to make sure that he runs out of materials when it's time to go to sleep..."

Micah: "Ah! So he stayed up too long because I gave him the iron to use..."

Raven: "Yeah..." Micah: "I'm sorry..." Raven: "Don't worry about it. It's not you fault."

Micah: "Thanks."

Micah: "I guess I shouldn't take his hammer from him..."

Raven: "Are you sure...?"

Micah: "Yeah, it's fine." Raven: "I see..."

  • Request Completed!*

2nd Request

Name : About Raven

Requirements : Finish Raven's 3rd Request "Let's talk..."

Found at : Mailbox

Actual Message : Could you come see me?

Rewards : Silver x2, Gold

Conversation :

G:There you are.

G:Well, let's go then.

M:What...?! W-Where to?

G:Hmm, well. G:Sol Terrano: Sand Sea should be fine.


--GO TO-- Sol Terrano: Sand Sea

G:Allright. This should be fine.

  • Gaius starts mining*
  • After got an iron...*

G:Hey, Micah.

M:Oh, um, yes?

G:Rocks are quit, but the can be stubborn.


G:They're just waiting here, waiting for someone to talk to them.

G:That's the only way they know how to be. M:...

G:But no matter how stubborn they are, you just need to talk to them.

G:Warm them in the fire, and tinker away at them with your hammer.


G:Even rocks can change their shape over time. Using a hammer just speeds it up a little.

G:But working them too hard won't work. My right eye is proof of that.

G:They may be hard, but they can change.


  • Gaius starts mining again*
  • After got a bronze...*

G:Alright, this should be enough! Let's get back then.

M:Oh, okay.

  • You will be in front of weapon shop instantly*

G:Thanks for coming around with me. This is for you...

  • Chest appeared*

M:Thank you very much. You can ask me again any time.

G:Of couse. Next time I'll ask you to watch the store!

M:Uh. But...

G:Raven has been out of sorts recently.

M:...? G:She just stops working and stares out the window.

G:She's waiting for someone.

M:Huh...? G:Well, see you.

  • Request Completed!*

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