Probably Stella when she was younger
A side story inside Rune factory frontier introduce a ghost at the village. This ghost's like characters share that she already lived at the actual mist's house.

Woman of Mystery (謎の女), is a character that appear and disappear, around Mist's house.

From a first source, being friend with Stella seems to help you encounter the Girl for the first time. « ghosts are spectral manifestations of memories, or the past. » (veryverygaming, worldpress com)

From a second source : After 9 pm, around Mist's house appear a special characters who share parts of Stella's history at a rate of one per Stella's friendship points. «At 4 fp,she will gave you a 4 leaf clover.» (runefrontier wikia, MCYellowSnow16)

4 friend's points

Stella and the Four Leaf Clover (by Freyahawk)03:17

Stella and the Four Leaf Clover (by Freyahawk)

Little ghost mysteries


Stella, Who used to live in
the house that Mist is in?
That's a strange question.
I used to live there.
It's been rebuilt numerous
times so it was smaller than
it is now.
Come to think of it, your
house was here even before
I came to this village
There used to be a boy that
I became good friend with
who lived there.


Other's source

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