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Gaining and Losing Points

For Request, see Requests (RF3).
For characters pages, see Characters (RF3).
The "love point" status parameter determines how much a girl is in love with you. It goes from a scale of 1 to 10. Only characters that have a heart symbol in your friend list can fall in love with you. Love points can be increased by doing the following :
Task Points
Engage in a conversation + 2
Have perfume on + 3
Give a gift she likes + 5
Give her favorite gift + 10
Give her a gift she hates - 10

Giving a present on the girl's birthday will increase love points by double and as well as decrease by double if you give her a gift she hates.

Finishing a girl's request will increase Love points by 5 points.

Giving a Love Potion to a girl will raise Love points by 1-100, depending how many are required to gain the next heart.

Love Scale

Level Points
Lv 1 0-99
Lv 2 100-199
Lv 3 200-299
Lv 4 300-399
Lv 5 400-499
Lv 6 500-699
Lv 7 700-799
Lv 8 800-899
Lv 9 900-999
Lv 10 1000+

Marriage requirement

For Marriage requirement, see Marriage_Requirements_(RF3).

For a proposal to occur you must reach the max level of love points and must finish all 9 request from the girl you are after. The recipe for the wedding ring is acquired after you successfully unite the two villages.


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