Story Plot

When Lest exits the town through the South Gate, Forte rushes to him to stop him from blindly going out to places full of monsters. Forte teaches Lest about using a Longsword by giving him a Claymore(if he answered he doesn't own a weapon). She also teaches Lest about Tamitaya, a magic spell bound to either a weapon or farm tool that prevents the weapon/farm tool to actually harm the monster and then sending them back to the Forest of Beginnings upon their defeat.

Main Sub-Event

During the event "Where the Heart is" (which can only be unlocked if you are in a relationship with Forte and raise her heart level high enough), we find out that Forte's mother was terminally ill, and that she kept a journal where she would record whatever happened to her. The event begins with Forte lost in thought as she is pondering the future, thinking that perhaps she should learn how to cook, for example. Eventually, she says she needs to leave town to go to her "secret" training grounds, which are right next to the Obsidian Mansion. She and Lest interchange a short conversation, where Forte reveals this is where she trained and swore to herself to become a knight. She then talks about how whenever her mother was lost or confused, she would always "go back to the beginning". Forte then refers to this place as her beginning, and Lest seems glad to see her content and at ease. Upon returning to town however, Bado quickly rushes out of Selphia's front gate in panic and begs you to go tell Forte that Kiel has suddenly collapsed. When you return to the training grounds, the two of you are suddenly ambushed by monsters.

After you fight off the monsters, Forte dashes towards the clinic, as she is worried sick about her brother. Kiel tells her he's fine though, and that he'd only gotten a small fever from some undisclosed fatigue. Over the course of the next day or two, the same scenario happens again, and this time, Forte emerges from this ordeal suspecting that Kiel has been hiding something from her, and that Vishnal might be in on it too. If you talk to Bado during any of this, he will reveal to you more about the true relationship he shared with the two, claiming to be more of an adoptive parent than a brother.

One morning, when Lest is headed towards Forte's house, he will hear the latter scream angrily at Kiel, scolding him for lying to her and keeping something important from her. Kiel retorts that he isn't a child anymore, and that perhaps he should have the right to keep some secrets; Forte answers by reminding him that "only children claim they are no longer children". Kiel then runs off, and Forte apologizes for allowing you to witness all this. She then asks if you can go on a walk with her to her training grounds.

When you do, Forte will ask you if she can scream out loud for a bit. Before Lest can even respond, Selphia's Dragon Knight starts yelling aloud at the sky, cursing Kiel's name. Having never seen her so angry before, Lest asks her what's wrong. Forte hesitates for a little bit, but in the end, she gives in and reveals a secret she's kept tucked away for many years: the reason why she became a knight. She tells Lest of the night her mother lay in bed, her sickly face bearing a calm and serene expression. Everyone in the family knew she had very little time left, and Forte, in a desperate burst of rage, claims that she no longer wishes to become a knight. After all, the only reason her father had trained her was because he had no male heir at the time. Appalled, but with great understanding of her daughter's anger, Forte's mother cupped her hands around the delicate palms of the knight-to-be. She looked into her daughter's eyes, and Forte looked right back at her with fear and worry brewing about like a storm inside her head. Finally, as a final promise to her elder, Selphia's armor-clad guardian tells Lest that she became a knight "to protect Kiel".

Once again, the two are interrupted by Bado, who tells Forte that Kiel has collapsed again. This time, she runs off without Lest, leaving the two men to fight off the monsters that have emerged from the wilderness. At the clinic, Forte thanks the prince of Selphia once again for his help, but this time she seems obviously distraught. Lest runs off with her to her house to go and comfort her, but Forte does nothing but brush aside her boyfriend's compliments. As she suddenly begins doubting her ability to protect anyone, Vishnal barges in claiming it was all his fault. Confused, Lest and Forte ask why, only to have the blue-haired butler take out a letter from the capital. Apparently, this is an evaluation of Forte's performance. According to the official document, the capital realized that Kiel was of age to become a knight of Selphia and asked if Forte would kindly relinquish her position. Surprised, Lest questions his knightly love about this, and to his shock, Forte admits that she knew this situation was inevitable. "After all, [it's] because I'm a woman" she says, then commenting about how the capital would naturally think she is ill-suited for this kind of duty.

Vishnal then reveals that Kiel has been exhausting himself researching loopholes, qualities, virtues, and all kinds of other miscellaneous information regarding the order of the Dragon Knights all in an attempt to allow his older sister to keep her position. Instead of an agreement, the capital's reply contained only one request: a duel between brother and sister.

Distraught, Forte runs off and asks Lest to leave her alone for a bit. It's at this point that Selphia's prince goes and talks to Bado, when he reveal even more about the relationship between him and Forte's father. The dwarven blacksmith describes the man as "someone who was always serious about stuff, [but] when he'd talk about his kids, his face livened up with the brightest of smiles". Despite his stern demeanor, he recants what had happened the night his wife had passed away. According to Bado, the man was "livid as white as a sheet". The two sat down for a drink, where the blacksmith saw, for the first and last time, Forte's father get drunk. He then hands you a letter, which contains a key too small to fit any door.

After you ask the two siblings about the origins of the mysterious artifact, they tell you it was from the music box where their mother hid her journal. If you go talk to Bado once more, he'll tell you Forte's father went and buried the thing out in his daughter's current training grounds. Shortly following Lest's unearthing of the box in question, he brings back the journal to Forte's home, where she decides to read aloud the entries leading to her mother's passing.

Once she has finished reading the entries, the knight comes to realize the fear both her parents must have faced in those moments, knowing of the inevitability of both tragic scenarios. Forte then turns to Lest and confesses what she has learned today; although she thought she did all the protecting, in the end, it was her herself that was constantly protected, perhaps for far too long. Before the screen cuts to black, Forte is both seen and heard bursting into tears, as Lest stands there shaken.

A little anime sequence is played some time later, where Selphia's loyal protector realizes the truth that was right in front of her eyes. She then cordially invites you to attend her duel tomorrow.

The next day, the fated battle begins. The two siblings stand face to face, as a final journal entry from Forte's mother is played over the battle. She wonders what her children will be like when they grow up, whether they'll be big and strong, or nimble and cunning. Whatever path they chose to walk, she warns them to never forget what she has taught them; if ever they lose their way, then simply go back to the beginning, even if it is just for a single moment. After all, it is in the beginning where one finds the reasons behind their journeys.

The duel ends with Forte emerging victorious, able to keep her title. Everybody gathers around the Dragon Room to congratulate her on her flawless victory. If Lest chooses to speak to her afterwards, she will correct herself on something she said once before. "I said even if I lost you, I'd still have Kiel to protect. I wish to go back on that... If I lost you, I would have nothing left in the world worth protecting."

Forte's Marriage Cut-scene:

Forte wedding

"Finally, I now know what it is that I meant to protect..."