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The story opens on one moonlight night when the hero falls from the sky.

The hero was lucky to fall on top of a dragon; he/she was safe, but he/she had lost his memory. The hero cannot remember anything except his/her name, so he/she ends up living in the castle as arranged by the dragon. As the temporary prince/princess, he/she will help develop the town of Selphia, resolve the townspeoples' worries, and go through life while farming, fighting, and befriending monsters.

At one point, the hero ventures into the woods and is attacked by a giant monster. After defeating the monster, a girl mysteriously appeared.

How did this person turn into a monster? This mysterious occurrence has been happening frequently; what is the truth behind this matter?

The hero continues to spend his/her days among friends and on an adventure while getting closer to the secret hidden in his/her memory...

New Features

  • The love element has been improved, including embarrassing situations for Lest and Frey. Character AI has also been upgraded, most specifically for the marriage candidates. They won't just sit around the house anymore and will go to different places.
  • The children will be more interactive than in Rune Factory 3. Like the rest of the town, they will wander around, be involved in town events and festivals, and can join you in dungeons.
  • Rather than having a friendship and jumping right to marriage, there is a dating period first. You can be lovers with more than one person at a time before choosing a single character to marry. (Although the more people you are seeing, the lower your odds of getting someone new to agree to go out with you.)
  • The marriage candidates will now wear pajamas.
  • The request system is updated. Requests unlock bonus features or make more types of seeds available for purchase, and you may be given requests when talking to someone rather than just when inspecting a board.
  • There are RFF-style animated cutscenes for introductions to marriage candidates, and for completing all the steps needed to marry them.
  • There is no longer mandatory grid-based farming, you have the option to organize your farm however you like.
  • You can open stores in order to attract more people and tourists to the town. The protagonist earns a rating depending on how many people show up, the starting title being 'Beginner Prince/ss'.
  • The Prince/Princess System is used to build up your town and attract tourists as you do. Prince/ess Points are used to build the town up, as well as hold festivals and even more. If you manage to attract enough tourists, you will earn the title, 'Crown of Crown', which symbolizes that you are the ultimate prince/ss.
  • There will also be three different save files.
  • A New Game + feature, which will carry over items and skills to a new file.
  • The "Teleport" Rune Ability is now on the bottom screen for an easier access.
  • There are pajama parties, Valentine's Day, and White Day. Those events, as well as some conversations, are possible with characters of the same sex/gender.
  • You can have pajama parties with the marriage candidates who are the same sex/gender as Lest or Frey.The main characters can change their appearance with equipment, but the 2-D portraits' clothing won't change since it only affects the 3D model. If you are changing between the male and female main character's appearnace it will change to 2-D portait and voice. If you change to another townsperson your portrait and dialogue will not change, put the 3-D model will.
  • The in-game sprites on the map will change depending on what the MC has equipped (like bracelets, helmets, hats, ect). Only the MC's 2-D portraits wont have any change based on those except for PJs and swimsuits.
  • There is an anniversary between the main character and his/her wife/husband.
  • There is also an event on your child's birthday, and the game will have more events and dialogue from your child than in the previous games.
  • If you faint in the dungeons while your spouse is with you, you'll get a "Couple Discount" for the hospital fee. The game will keep track of the number of time you make that "mistake" (implying it might trigger something).
  • The dungeons are designed to be hard to do without a townsperson or monster accompaning you.

The Drama CD

The CD has six tracks. Each of them goes as follows:

  1. "Spring Flower Viewing" Season 1 - This one seems to focus on Lest and Margaret during a flower viewing session.
  2. "Fireworks of Summer" Season 2 - Both Frey and Vishnal watch a fireworks festival.
  3. "Fall crop contest" Season 3 - Focuses on Lest and Dolce, the former entering a sweet potato into the contest.
  4. "Winter Christmas Eve" Season 4 - Frey wants to spend the evening with Dylas, but he's busy with work.
  5. "For those who have trouble sleeping" Season Final - Track for those who have trouble sleeping.
  6. Arrange soundtrack - Various tracks from the game itself.

QR Code

To all owners of a 3DS and an internet connection, follow the following steps:
  1. Go to the home menu on your 3DS
  2. Press L or R
  3. Press the small code icon on the bottom left of the 3DS screen
  4. Line it up with the square code box icon to the right of this page
  5. A message that says "URL found."
  6. Press OK and launch the internet browser
  7. Go to the page and look at the 3DS images

Prince/Princess Point Rewards

You gain prince/ss points by running the castle's shop and completing requests.


The licenses except the airship access will come with an exam that features trivial questions on cooking before you're granted capability.

Name Point Cost Available Products
Pharmacy License 100 points Pharmacy Units will be made available after access to Yokmir Forest is available.
Simple Cooking License 100 points This is purchased from Porcoline. This comes with a kitchen table, knife set, frying pan and mixer. The basics.
Professional Cooking License 500 points This comes with the oven, steamer and pot.
Airship License 300 points Access to the airship or at least being able to operate it. In order for this to be accessible, there needs to be 100 tourists in town and the MC requires the [My Best Prince/Princess] Title.


These will add new shops or add additional services to existing shops.

Name Point Cost Available Products
Bado's Accessories 500 points I'm taking that this is an expansion to his already existing blacksmith business. In order to access this option, 100 tourists and [My Best Prince/Princess] title is needed.
Blossom's Furniture Shop 800 points Sincerity's General Store will start selling furniture. This furniture includes storage boxes, weapon racks, bookshelves, tool box, and other things of that nature. Buying furniture here will take both lumber and stone.
Illuminata's Florist Delivery 500 points
Blossom's Shop for Shipped Vegetables 500 points
Jewel Merchant Services 2000 points A merchant will set up shop in the Bell Hotel and sell gems.
Clothing Merchant Services 800 points A merchant will move into a vacant house just to the left of the Selphia Gates in Selphia Plains.
Fish Merchant Services A merchant will set up shop in the Bell Hotel and sell fresh-caught fish.


These are upgrades that the player can purchase. Some, such as Monster Huts or Farm Expansions, cost lumber and stone.

Name Point Cost Lumber/Stone Cost Gold Cost Upgrade
New backpack 50 points This is a tutorial request that appears early on in the game. It raises space from 15 to 30.
Backpack upgrade 500 points Backpack capacity goes from 30 to 45.
New refrigerator upgrade 300 points 50 stones Capacity of refrigerator goes from 150 to 240.
New storage box 50 points 20 wood A request from earlier on in the game. Capacity goes from 90 to 150.
New storage box upgrade 300 points 50 wood Capacity goes from 150 to 240.
New storage box upgrade 2 500 points 100 wood Capacity goes from 240 to 330.
Room expansion 1500 points 200 stone, 300 wood 50,000G A room is added on to the castle. Up to 5 rooms can be added, and it should be noted that the Prince/Princess Points, Stone/Lumber cost, and gold cost will increase with each expansion.
Monster Farm 100 points 30 stones, 50 wood A monster farm is added to the farm.
Expansion of monster farms 200 points 80 stones, 100 wood Additional rooms can be added to Monster Farms. It should be noted that the Prince/Princess Points, Stone/Lumber cost, and gold cost will increase with each expansion. If a player wants to change where the monster "goes home" to, all that has to be done is to add the monster to the player's party, go into the room that they want the monster to be changed to, and then select "go home".


  • There are 7 plot bosses total in the game.
  • Other seiyuu have been confirmed to be Ayana Taketatsu, Hitomi Nabatame, and Kosuke Toriumi.
  • Raven and Barrett appear as cameos.
  • There will be a manga that focuses on the storyline. The focus will be on Lest and Margaret. (Will appear in Dengeki on Feb. 27th.)
  • If you live in Japan, you can preorder and receive a special CD and headphones. Though, Hashimoto says that you may want to listen to it secretly, not because they're inappropriate, but because they help with getting to sleep.
  • He has given some details on the track about Dolce during the Sweet Potato Eating Contest.
  • Pre-orders come with headphones and a drama CD. Hashimoto has stated it's something you'll want to listen to secretly, but it's not because they're inappropriate. It's because they're for sleeping, so expect songs. The whole CD lasts 47 minutes, with five small stories and a special arrangement of the game's OST. The 3rd one is about the party members' behavior in dungeons. When they detect monsters, they'll act accordingly by themselves. Their behavior will vary with their level, and you can give them some directives, such as "stay close" or "stand a bit further". The 4th person is anxious about the game's accessibility to beginners, and Hashimoto replies that even if they've tuned up the difficulty and levels, new players are also welcome. There's also Hard Mode for those who are looking for a challenge. The 5th one give some more details about the bottom/touch screen. It shows the town map, and makes it easier to find people, even if they're indoors. There's also a "Notebook Icon" and an "Equipment Icon" for an easier access to the Requests and Equipment menus. There's also an icon for the Teleport Rune Ability, which will prompt a confirmation before activation.You'll also see the dungeon's mapping as you proceed to explore them.
  • The last person says that the marriage candidates that have been unveiled so far way too attractive/cute, and what to know if it's possible to flirt with 2 of them. Hashimoto has explained the "lover" phase before wedding, and that once you start going out with someone, you can choose nicknames for each-others and deepen your relationship.
  • The time speed is slightly slower than it used to be in Rune Factory 3.
  • There also seems to be underwear; Hashimoto says that they're quite "splendid" and therefore cannot show them to anyone yet. They might do so, but only to a reasonable extent.
  • Hashimoto stated a while ago that the MCs have to farm for their own pocket money.
  • You can obtain the Rune Factory 4 stickers by supporting them using the banner on your blog/homepage, and by following their Twitter account. There's a form to fill with various information (Nickname, e-mail address, present you want, name and address of your blog, Twitter account and a random message. It seems you can order the stickers, as well.
  • Ami Koshimizu, who voiced Mist from Rune Factory, voices someone on Rune Factory 4. See here
  • In normal mode, the first dungeon can be completed at lv. 3 (with party members), of course.
  • There are players on 2ch who have completed Kohaku's dungeon on Spring 3 and Dylas's dungeon on Spring 7. They're probably this quick paced because Hashimoto didn't want to drag on the amount of time for players to get the boss candidates. And as Kuroneko had observed from 2ch comments, the actual plot starts after Leon's dungeon.
  • The second opening is available on Japanese Itunes.
    • It's also available here.
  • The Whale Island song plays in the southwest corner of Selphia by the Delirium Cave, and the Green Ruins' song plays in a nest of massive Cluckadoodles in the southern part of Selphia.
  • During the boys' slumber party, the boys talk about the girls that they like.
    • The slumber parties are unlocked in the same manner as an HM style random sub event. You'll recieve an invitation from one of the guys to have a slumber party in Porcoline's mansion in Arthur's room. Then you have to talk to Doug when night time comes in Arthur's room for the event to begin.
  • Like in Rune Factory 3, the main character can pick up birds. You can now throw them at other characters and knock them down. There is a video below that focuses this.



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