Everlasting World is the second opening theme of Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. It is performed by Lil'.


わたろうよ Flying high
Ever lasting world
Flying high

解き放つ My world

Ever lasting dream
Flying high

me o samase
chiisana kimi no tsubasa de
nazomeku sekai o
watarō yo Flying high
Ever lasting world
kimi dake no sekai e to
Flying high

himeta mune no oku ni
kibō no hoshi o
itsuka no yoake ni
tokihanatsu My world

Everlasting dream
jibun dake no jyuu e to
Flying high

Open your eyes as you wake
With your small wings
Wrapped in the mystery of the world
You would probably cross it, flying high
Ever lasting world
Go to the world that's only yours
Flying high

Keeping the secret in my heart
I wish upon a star
At daybreak someday
Release it into my world

Ever lasting dream
Go to your own freedom
Flying high

Open your eyes and look around
Spreading your wings to the sky
Making your way to wonderland
Think of a way to fly high
Everlasting world
Keep holding your dream by your side
Fly high

Keepin' the fever in my heart
Wishin' my dreams would come true
Seek every ward and break it down
And let every free in the world

Everlasting dream
I hear the music, asking why
Fly high

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