See also : Random_Events_(RF4)#Mini_Events
These are randomly triggered events that can occur around town. There are 38 possible sub-events that occur around town, with 19 of them being mini sub-events, 12 main sub-events (one for each marriage candidate, and can only have 1 happen per file) and seven post-marriage sub-events. Depending on the event, these can go for up to eight days before being completed. [1]

Slumber Parties

see also : Requests_(RF4)#Repeatable_Requests
Among the different sub-events, there are also slumber parties. During these events, you will randomly be invited to another person's house for the night. If you are playing as Lest, you will only be invited by Doug, while Frey will only be invited by Margaret. All other marriage candidates of the same gender will also attend the slumber party. What happens at each party will vary depending on luck. With the exception of Doug's party (which happens in Arthur's room), all the slumber parties will occur in their home.

Main Sub-Events

These are randomly triggered events that occur with a bachelor/bachelorette once you have met all of the marriage requirements. Each main sub-event deals with an issue the character has, which must be resolved before getting married. These can be extensive, ranging from almost 500 to over 1500 lines of dialogue.[2] For Frey, all of the events will include a marriage proposal from the bachelors. For Lest, Xiao is the only one with a reverse proposal, all others will need to be proposed to with an engagement ring, a double bed, and 10+ LP

Sleep Overs

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