Ethelberd (エザルバード, Ezarubaado) is the ruler of the Sechs Empire. As a monster, he is called Ethelwill. The Emperor repeats the role of his previous appearance as the primary antagonist.


He has been bent on revenge against all Earthmates since his defeat by one in the past. His hatred extends to the point where he has been systematically killing all Earthmates he has come across, basically the extermination of the Earthmate "species". While at first this was his intention with the protagonist as well, he quickly realized he could manipulate events to help him reach his final goals. 

By using the rune spheres, he achieves the powers of an Earthmate. Using these powers, he steals Ventuswill's body to "become a god," losing his humanity in the process.

He is the final boss in the second arc of the game. This battle is located at the very end of the Floating Empire dungeon.


  • Selfish Bastard- By Lest and Frey