A farmer in Trampoli. He always calls Raguna a young man despite also being one himself.
Birthday Summer 23
Seiyū Hiroaki Miura
Voice Actor Spike Spencer
"Hello, young man! W-What? Do I have a girlfriend? I can't tell you! Hahaha!"

Erik (エリック, Eric) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier.

He runs a farm next to Raguna in Trampoli. He offers Raguna advice about his field and farming. Though he seems to be about the same age, he constantly refers to Raguna as "young man." He has a big crush on Lara.


Favorite Gift: Garlic

Likes: Strawberry, Pineapple, Dried Fish

Dislikes: Turnip, Chocolate, Jam


He will mail Raguna requesting a Turnip to be given to Annette while she's on her rounds. In return, he recieves Formula C.


Normal Schedule
6am - 9am St. Poli Church
9am - 12pm South District
12pm - 11pm Erik's Farm
11pm - 12am Laga Springs
12am - 6am Erik's Farm
Monday-Friday (Raining) and Holiday (Sunny/Raining)
6am - 6am Erik's Farm


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