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A golem craftworker. Once she starts creating one, she gets so into it that she forgets to go to sleep. Also works at the blacksmith.
Birthday Fall 8
Family James (Brother)
Voice Actor Stephanie Misa

Elena (エレナ, Elena) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Elena is a self-teaching artisan at the blacksmith. You can't see her until after meeting Ymir (your golem). She'll be interested in Ymir, and will be the one who maintains it. She's a bit sarcastic.


Elena is generally lazy or lacks motivation when it comes to most tasks. On events she'll say she'd rather be in bed or at home. She sleeps the latest out of all the town members. She is not lazy when it comes to her passion of golem creation, maintenance, and research. She takes pride in her work on making golems, and even has a golem run her Black Smith. She is often irritated over small details, or people doubting her abilities. She is often cocky about how well she works on golems, and will not hesitate to go into detail about them. Her height is a sensitive subject, and is wise not to mention it around her. She is slightly irritated that her brother, James, is so protective over her, and that he gets her to participate in events. Around halfway of leveling her Friend/Love meter, she will open up more, and begin to retort angrily due to her being shy.

She also sees you as a rival, as many of her attempts to build golems are to compensate for not having your golem for herself. While leveling the Friend/Love meter, she builds different Golems who can beat you, many of which have an issue of some sort and are easily defeated mid-cutscene. She eventually builds a masterpiece called Mr. Invincible, that is immensely powerful and whom you do not get the opportunity to fight.

She will ask to take apart(or dissect) your golem, throughout the entire game.



Small Crystal

Likes Scrap Metal, Bronze, Iron, Gold, Fire Crystal, Earth Crystal
Hates Milk


Wow a small crystal! this is exactly what I wanted. I should have figured you'd know that!

Whoa! I've been wanting this! Thanks your'e a lifesaver!


Often found sleeping until late afternoon, she can be found working or at the bath house. Late evenings she can be found at the Three Sisters Inn.

6am - 10am (Blacksmith)

10am-11:30am(Bath House)

noon-5:30pm (sleeping)

6pm - 8:30pm (Three Sisters Inn)

Note that during the summer she may be at the beach between 6am and 9am


  • Every year Electra's birthday "present" for Elena is to clean Elena's room, to which Elena is always grateful for.
  • Elena has the same birthday as Ray from Rune Factory 2.
  • The golem in her pocket is the first golem she ever made.


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