"I may be an elf, but the people in this town don't discriminate against me at all. This really is a wonderful town. It would be nice if Jake realized that, but there is only so much a parent can do..."

Egan (エンドール, Endore) is the innkeeper in Alvarna, and the father of Jake. Cecilia, a half-elf originally from Kardia, is residing in the inn. Egan is a rather nice, quiet fellow who stays in the inn most days. On holidays/special event days you can find him standing outside the blacksmith's by the pier. In the second generation, he spends his afternoons in the dining hall of the De Sainte-Coquille manor.

Egan is also the grandfather of Orland (second generation).


Neutral (Second)
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  • Egan shares the same birthday as Rosetta from Rune Factory, Collette from Rune Factory 3, and Porcoline from Rune Factory 4.
  • Egan is over one hundred years old (since elves live longer than humans).