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RF1 Dungeons

The dungeon locations in Rune Factory

Dungeons are a key factor to Rune Factory and several can be explored throughout the game.  Completion of these dungeons and defeating their bosses is necessary to progress in the game.  


Important Notes

Dungeon Passes

None of the dungeons will be accessible immediately. The player will need to visit Mayor Godwin and be given a pass for each individual dungeon they wish to enter so long as they meet the requirements for entering. These requirements generally consist of tilling fields and advancing the plot.

Mystery Devices

Each dungeon is populated by strange machines that summon monsters, as well as strong doors that will block access to the deepest part of the dungeon. Until all of the machines have been destroyed, the door will not open, and each time you leave the dungeon the machines will return. However, there is an item that can be used to scout out these machines. Early in Carmite Cave, Ivan will appear and offer the player an item that will beep once for each intact machine on the floor.

Game Breaker

While you will only faint if you run out of HP outside a dungeon, the player will die while within one. If the player's magic is sealed, they will be unable to use magic to escape the dungeon. For this reason, it is highly recommended that the player should not save while suffering status ailments inside dungeons. It is possible to render a file unwinnable if the player saves inside a dungeon while both poisoned and sealed.

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