*Exiting and entering Porcoline's Kitchen after this event will reveal Doug and Dylas lying on the floor, respectively defeated.

Main Sub-Event


Upon exiting Selphia, Lest/Frey will hear Forte scream and come back inside. Forte and Doug are dealing with a soldier from the Sechs Empire who tries to convince Doug to assist him in defeating Forte but to no avail. The soldier goes on to tell Forte about how Doug was a spy brought in from the Sechs Empire. Suddenly, Blossom appears and tells the soldier to back off, saying that Doug is a kind person who always helps at her shop and that the accusations of him being a spy are just a ruse to turn the citizens against each other.

Tired of Blossom's tirade, the soldier attempts to silence her for good, only for Doug to step in the way of the attack meant for Blossom. A wounded Doug asks if Blossom's alright as Lest/Frey appear to assist the group. Then, the soldier looks to Lest/Frey and recognizes them from the beginning of the game, stating that their captain is already long gone and expressing their surprise at Lest/Frey surviving their fall. They go on about the Rune Sphere until Doug gets back on his feet to battle the soldier once more.

The soldier, surprised at Doug's commitment to Selphia wonders aloud if Doug has realized that the Sechs Empire was responsible for the death of his tribe and not Ventuswill. Everyone exclaims shock at the soldier's statement, with Doug surprised at the remark. The soldier reasons that it would be the only thing that could make Doug betray their cause, with Doug reiterating his surprise once more and the soldier responding back that it was the Sechs Empire that killed his parents. Doug asks the soldier as to why the Sechs Empire would resort to that action with the soldier non-chalantly responding that it must have been because they disobeyed the Empire's orders or something.

Assuming a battle stance, the soldier tells Doug that he'll meet his parents soon, until Lest/Frey intervenes. The soldier gleefully exclaims that it's a perfect situation since they were tasked with the mission of eliminating the Earthmates. Forte steps in to defend Lest/Frey from the soldier's threats, displaying her battle prowess openly to the confident soldier. Suddenly, he reveals to everyone that he has the power of a rune sphere, revealing that the Sechs Empire has stolen all the Rune Spheres that were placed by Lest/Frey earlier in the game. He cruelly goes on about Ventuswill and how her condition must be deteriorating due to the stolen Rune Spheres.

After the citizens of Selphia exclaim concern for Venti, the soldier harnesses the power of the Rune Spheres and uses the Omni Gate to summon a powerful dragon, merging himself with it by using the Etherlink ability. Bewildered by the sight, Forte steps back aghast while Lest wonders how the soldier could use the Omni Gate if only Earthmates had the ability to use it. Lest/Frey tells Blossom to take the wounded Doug somewhere safe while the Soldier becomes more deranged following his merger with the dragon. Forte assesses the danger in fighting the monster, telling Lest that they will fight together to prevent the soldier from harming anyone or anything from the town.

Following the soldier's defeat, he runs away from Selphia while Doug and Blossom approach Lest/Frey. Doug apologizes to Lest/Frey for accusing Ventuswill of the Sech Empire's crimes, with a wounded Doug expressing remorse for his earlier intentions towards the dragon. Blossom takes the wounded Doug to the clinic, expressing a desire to apologize to her and Ventuswill. Forte tells Lest/Frey that she will consult with Volkanon about Doug's status as a spy, expressing that she still trusts him because he wanted to save the town.

Lest/Frey visits a deteriorated Ventuswill who wonders about the commotion outside. After learning about how the Sechs Empire is planning to use the Rune Spheres for nefarious deeds, Ventuswill expresses her concern at the idea, stating that Rune Spheres possess powers of great magnitude, even capable of restoring her abilities as a native dragon. After Lest/Frey tells Ventuswill that they plan on getting back the Rune Spheres, Ventuswill comments on how strong of an individual they are, telling them to come back safely while she rests to conserve her energy. Lest/Frey decides to visit Doug at the clinic to gain information about the Sechs Empire.


To see Doug's marriage sub-event, A Very Special Ring, his LP must be raised to at least 10 and the player has seen the random event Shining Memory and Doug's Secret. When it triggers, Doug will mention his late father, who was unable to teach Doug something before he died. Doug will then ask Frey out on a date and start fishing for information on how she wants to be proposed to. Over the next few days, Doug will be found asking the bachelors for advice on confessing, research help, and will practice confessing his love to Dylas. Shortly after, he will lock himself in Bado's forge and ask Frey to wait and not ask any questions.

After Frey recruits the bachelorettes to investigate, they come back with the finding that Doug looked into his clan's traditions, and has the materials for making an engagement ring. When Frey and the girls attempt to confront Doug, he gives a ring to everyone but Frey, and is chased of by Margaret for hurting her feelings. Doug comes to see Frey later and asks to please forgive him and wait a little longer, and shortly after the bachelors will come to Frey and clear up the confusion. Doug's clan has a tradition of giving a ring to everyone in the family of whoever they are proposing to. Since Doug cannot forge well, he was making Frey's ring last in the hopes that it would turn out best.

After the confusion is cleared, Frey goes to see Doug, who climbs onto the roof of his house and shouts out that he loves her, and asks for her hand in marriage.