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Birthday Winter 2
Birthday Gift Strawberry Jam
Family Gordon (Father)
Cammy (Younger Sister)
Proposal Item Blessing Pendant
Rival Marriage Barrett
Rival Marriage Date Fall 17th, Year 3
Seiyū Mamiko Noto

"Umm… D-Do you need something…?"

Dorothy (ドロシー, Dorothy) is Gordon's extremely shy daughter. She lives at the church with her younger sister, Cammy, and her father, Gordon. Unlike her sister, Dorothy rarely ever speaks, and is quite an introvert. Rather than speaking to people herself, Dorothy talks through her doll (whom she has named Fern), and carries Fern around at all times.

To get her proposal item, the Blessing Pendant, you must complete all of her requests, the last of which will be her requesting a date. Then, in Gordon's request, he will give you the Blessing Pendant which was originally for Dorothy.

If you manage to finish Dorothy's requests, she'll begin to open up to everyone in Alvarna and no longer use Fern to speak to others. She always has her eyes covered, except on her wedding day when her hair will still be tied in pigtails, but will reveal her beautiful, pink eyes.

Her dream is to become a nurse at the clinic, and fears that her inability to talk to people will get in the way of her career. If you complete Dorothy's requests, her wish will be fulfilled. When she's not at the clinic, Dorothy can be seen with Julia and Rosalind at the Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Since Dorothy is a bachelorette, you can give her gifts to get her love points up. Her favorite gifts are Emery Flowers, and she also likes Char, which can be caught on Blessia Island. Despite all that, Dorothy hates insect skins, something that her younger sister, Cammy, likes.

Your rival for Dorothy is Barrett, and the two will marry in the third year on Fall 17th if you don't marry Dorothy or anyone else before getting married. If she gets married to Barrett, she will become Mayor Byron's daughter-in-law and Leonel's mother.


How beautiful... EMERY FLOWER are my... favorite flower...Th-thank you...

Emery Flower

That...that's for me...? I really...really like CHAR...

Char Sashimi, Salted Char, Char

Is that a present for me...?

Fruit, Insect Jaw,

A present for me...? Th-Thank you...


Uwah....! Why...why for me...? This is the kind of thing...the kind of thing that Cammy would prefer, I think...

Insect Skin,

First Generation Requests

I Dropped Something...

"I, um, dropped my amulet, and..."


If you speak to Dorothy she will reluctantly tell you that she dropped her AMULET. Before you can ask her where she could have possibly dropped it however, she nervously runs away. It's suggested that her amulet may be near the docks.

Go to the docks and search for Dorothy's amulet. Once you have found it, pick it up and deliver it to Dorothy to finish the request.

I Did It Again...

"I dropped my RUBY BROOCH and... it's, um, really important to me and, well..."


Speak to Dorothy and enquire about her missing brooch. She will initially tell you that the brooch has been found and that the request has been cancelled, but you manage to get the full truth out of Dorothy. She says that she dropped it near Trieste Forest.

The brooch can be found at Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing. Once found, pick it up and return it to Dorothy for a reward.

Second Generation

Unless she marries Kyle, she will now be a nurse and have a son with Barrett named Leonel. She will no longer shy, but will still keep her eyes covered and carry around her doll, Fern. She has also fulfilled her dreams of becoming a nurse.

Second Generation Requests



  • Her personality's the exact opposite of Cammy's while it reflects Tori's personality from Rune Factory, as they're both shy and tend to trail off whenever they're speaking to someone.
  • She shares the same birthday as Kiel from Rune Factory 4.

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