Desert Island
Description: An island of active volcanoes and searing heat. Beware of volcanic ash!

Desert Island is located at B-3 on the ocean map and not a seasonal island; unlike Spring, Summer and Fall Islands, and thus is infertile.

Many monsters, however, do inhabit this island.


Desert Island is, as its name states, and island compromised entirely of desert terrain. It holds stone underpasses, caves, stone platforms, and an oasis in the center.

This inhospitable island is populated with strong monsters and holds the Flame Shrine Temple Key, the request to find this island is given by James.

On the Island


  • Trolls
  • Red Hyena (?)
  • Scorpion
  • Geist
  • Wooly
  • Ant


  • Monster Drops like Fangs, Claws, Jaws, and Cloths.
  • The Key to the Flame Spirit Shrine Temple. (via Treasure Chest at the Obelisk)


Desert Island is important because of the Key it holds, as it gives access to the Flame Shrine and thus helps advance the plot.

Other than that it is good for leveling up for the Flame Shrine as well.


  • Even though it is very hot and inhospitable, the island is located in the far north region of the Sea, along with the polar opposite Winter Island.
  • The description for this island states that a volcano heats this island up and releases ash, but no ash falls and no volcano can be seen.