This dungeons have 2 floors

For World map link, see [[Delirium lava ruins]].


Delirium lava ruins 1


Delirium lava ruins 2

Recommanded level 20

Monsters (RF4)

Furpy Fur, Quality Puffy Fur, Branch
Palm Cat Palm Claw, Fur
Tricky Muck Spore, Poison Spore, Mushroom
Buffaloo Bull's Horn
Goblin Pirate Quality Cloth, Oil
Gangster Goblin Old Bandage, Quality Cloth, Oil
Ignis Fire Crystal, Magic Crystal
Scorpion Scorpion Tail, Pretty Carapace
Troll Giant's Nail
Flower Lion Plant Stem, Vine


  • Rafflesia

Story plot

  • a rune sphere could be collected into this location


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