Are you turning in for the night?
Good night.
"Time to get up! Morning is upon
Can we go to sleep now...?

  • YAAAWN*...Can't stay...awake...

So sleeeepy...
"But we need to...*YAWN*...
"Will you be retiring for the
night soon?"
"Well then I, erm, I shall join
Good morning.
Are you going to bed?
Okay. G'night!
@キール@. It's time to get up.
"Are you going to sleep for the
"Well then, I think I'll join you,
"Good morning. Did you have lovely
Going to sleep?
Then I will, too.
Morning. Sleep well?
"Oh, are you calling it a night?
Well then, so shall I."
Good night.
Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Mm? Going to sleep?
"Night night! Tonight is a good
night for good dreams."
Is it bedtime already?
Okay! ♪
G'morning, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Gonna turn in?
Right. Be with you in a minute.
Up with you! It's morning.
Are you going to sleep?
"Oh. Well, let me turn out the
lights, then."
Good night.
Um...good night.
Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Going to bed for the night?
Seems like a good idea.
Good night.
Good morning.
"Have you prepared all you will
Wait just a minute.
Well then, let us be off!
"All right. Please let me know
when you are ready."
Error: @0@
Error: @0@
Hmm...Where to go?
Let's go to the floating empire.
Let's go to Selphia.
"Let's go to the forest with all
the pretty butterflies."
"Let's go to those mysterious
ruins in the east."
"Let's go to that scary haunted
mansion in the west."
"Let's go to the old road in the
southwest where it's always fall."
"Let's go to the hot cave along
the Autumn Road."
"Let's go to the tall tower in
the west."
"Let's go to the southeast hills,
where it's always spring."
"Let's go to the strange cavern at
Sercerezo Hill."
"Let's go to the southwest
mountain road that leads to the
Sechs Empire."
"Let's go to the entrance to the
Sechs Empire."
"Let's go to the castle in the
Sechs Empire where Emperor
Ethelberd dwells."
"Let's go to the field at
Sercerezo Hill, where it's always
"Let's go to the field at Selphia
Plain, where it's always summer."
"Let's go to the field along the
Autumn Road, where it's always
"Let's go to the field at Silver
Lake, where it's always winter."
"Let's go to the fishing spot at
Sercerezo Hill. You can always
catch spring fish there."
"Let's go to the fishing spot on
Selphia Plain. You can always
catch summer fish there."
"Let's go to the fishing spot
along the Autumn Road. You can
always catch fall fish there."
"Let's go to the fishing spot on
Silver Lake. You can always catch
winter fish there."
"Let's go to the cave full of big
"Let's go pick some Ayngondaia
Lawn from the cave where the
Ancient Bone rests."
Let's seek out a monsters' den!
Ehh, let's just stay in.
"What do I need to do before I can
use the airship?"
"I have to place an order for
an airship license first."
"Maybe if I keep doing @姫@
work, I'll be able to place that
order someday."
"I need to do some travelling
on foot first before I can fly
anywhere. Adventure awaits!"
"I'd rather walk, thank you. I'm
in the mood for a good strut."
"I can't just sit here and do
H-huh? It doesn't connect?
[Received @アイテム0@.]
..ake up.
It's time to wake up!
Is she asleep?
"But...I could have sworn she just
looked at me."
Um, excuse me? Are you awake?
Good morni--*YAAAWN*...
Uh, good morning.
How can you sleep standing there?
I don't really know myself.
"Hmm... I think I came in here for
Oh dear. What was it?
Ah! That's right.
"Mr. Volkanon asked me to come
wake you."
Are you awake yet?
"Oh, good. Good morning, then. And
I'm pleased to meet you."
"My name is Clorica. I'm a butler
in training."
I'm @しゅじんこうくん@.
Oh? How strange...
"Mr. Volkanon said your name was
Oh, uh...
"No, my name is definitely
I'd rather you call me that.
As you wish, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"That's a very tasty-sounding
What a sleepy sort of name.
"Such a pleasant-dream-y sort of
"That must have a really pretty
"Anyway, I'm not terribly sure
what is going on, but I'll do my
best to serve you."
Thank you very much.
Oh. Here.
"I made some breakfast. Please
have some, if you'd like."
"Ooh, that @アイテム0@ looks
really yummy!"
Always been a favorite of mine,
Thank you!
You're very welcome! ♪
"Press @字0@ to eat.
Eat every last bite now, okay?"
Yes, it's time to sleep.
No, I want to stay up.
Stay up.
"Please, I need only just a little
more of your time. I swear we
won't be much longer!"
Stay up.
"Let's go to the field outside the
upper-left door."
"Good morning! Let's give today
our very best effort!"
"Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@!
The sun is up, and so should we
Good morning!
"Good morning. It is time to be
up, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"*YAAAWN*... Mornings are such
sleepy times of day. They even
sound it. Mooooooooorning..."
"Let's make the most of this
lovely day."
Good morning! ♪
Time to wake...up... Zzz...
"Up! Up! @しゅじんこうくん@, good
morning to you!"
"G'mornin. Looks like the sun's up
"Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@.
I came to wake you."
"Time to get up! Morning comes
early for good detectives!"
"Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@.
It's another lovely day."
Good morning, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"""Good morning, good morning! It's
time to be up!"""
Good night!
Hrm...? What was that sound?
...ryone...ot lo...
...not long unt...
"She must be muttering in her
I shouldn't disturb her.
Good night, Venti.
It's my safe.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
It's my bookshelf.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
It's my calendar.
Check it.
Pick it up.
Destroy it.
It's my wardrobe.
Change clothes.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
The usual...
Formal Clothes
Chipsqueek Costume
Wooly Costume
Selphia Soldier
Sechs Soldier
Red Passion
Blue Sky
Fruity Lemon
Green Forest
Persian Pink
Fruity Orange
Midnight Wings
I don't have any outfits yet.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook something simple.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the knife.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the frying pan.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the pot.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the oven.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the steamer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Cook something simple.
Cook with the knife.
Cook with the frying pan.
Cook with the pot.
Cook with the oven.
Cook with the steamer.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Cook with the mixer.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Hmm...what to make?
Mix some medicine.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Maybe I'll make some tools.
Make a weapon.
Make a tool.
Upgrade a weapon.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Which kind do I want to make?
Short Sword.
Long Sword.
Axe or Hammer.
Dual Blades.
"I can make weapons that can be used
in battle."
"I can make tools that can till or
water larger areas."
"I can use materials to upgrade
weapons I already have."
"A standard weapon. Effective with
a shield, increasing defense."
"A powerful weapon with a broad
A weapon with a long range.
"A hammer or axe that can be used
in battle. They're heavy, but
very powerful."
"A fast weapon that can attack
quickly, but shields are useless
with it."
Fight using punches and throws.
"Fight using different kinds of
Hmm...what to make?
Make armor.
Make shields.
Make headgear.
Make shoes.
Make accessories.
Upgrade armor.
Pick it up.
Break it.
"I can make armor that's worn under
clothes. It doesn't change what I look
"I can make shields to block enemy
"I can make headgear that will change
what I look like."
"I can make footwear that changes how
I move. "
"I can make accessories with various
"I can use materials to upgrade armor
I already have."
I think I'll write in my diary.
Write a diary entry.
"@しゅじんこうくん@!! A moment
of your time? I have something
important I must tell you."
Head to the field.
It's my toolbox.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
It's my refrigerator.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
It's my refrigerator.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
"There's @アイテム0@ x @0@ inside.
I'll need at least @1@ today."
"Toss +Lumber+ and +Material Stone+
Lumber: @0@ Stone: @1@"
Pick it up.
Break it.
"Place grass in the Fertilizer Bin
so the field is well and happy.
Compost Level: @0@"
Pick it up.
Break it.
I think I'll listen to music.
Hmm...what do I want to do?
Choose a song to play.
Play a random song.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Battle Record
History Record
Whale Record
Ocean Record
My Room
Spring in Selphia
Summer in Selphia
Autumn in Selphia
Winter in Selphia
Nighttime in Selphia
Wind Dragon's Majesty
Wind Dragon's Tears
Wind Dragon's Confusion
Closing In
The Empire's Theme
A Home to All
Everyday Things
What Are You Saying?!
Kind Thoughts
Ominous Atmosphere
Selphia Festivals
We Can Do It!
Let's Go!
A Family's Room
Wide Plains
Yokmir Forest
Water Ruins
Obsidian Mansion
Leon Karnak
Floating Empire
Farm Secrets
Love & Hope
Selphia Wedding
Selphia Wind Dragon
Native Dragon
Kardia Battle
Kardia Final Battle
Walking Trees
Octopus Pirates
Natural Monument Battle
Wild Ice
Ancient Bones
Two Lions
Ice Barrier
Kardia Earth Dragon
Alvarna Fire Dragon
Sharance Water Dragon
Strange Cave
Lost Technology
Rune Prana
Spring in Kardia
Summer in Kardia
Autumn in Kardia
Winter in Kardia
Spring in Alvarna
Summer in Alvarna
Autumn in Alvarna
Winter in Alvarna
Spring in Sharance
Summer in Sharance
Autumn in Sharance
Winter in Sharance
Nighttime in Sharance
Sharance Town
Great Treehouse
Gathering in Sharance
People of Sharance
Battle Result
Nighttime Room in Sharance
What Can You Do?
Artisan's Forest
Star Dunes
Rainbow Falls
Icy Rosebush
Dragon's Lair
Fragments of Memory
Sharance Wedding
Windy Hill
Spring in Trampoli
Summer in Trampoli
Autumn in Trampoli
Winter in Trampoli
Snow in Trampoli
New Home in a New World
A New Family
Tranquil Days
Tavern Nights
Nobody's Home
Through the Darkness
A Dangerous Place
Young Sprouts
Summer Vines
Look Out!
Raise the Curtain
Spirit Battle
Face Your Trials
Get It Back
All Our Strength
Let's Go Home
Dragon Shrine
Island Home
Island Family
Spring in Fenith
Summer in Fenith
Autumn in Fenith
Winter in Fenith
Captain's Theme
Holy Earth
Holy Fire
Holy Water
Holy Wind
Grand Battle
I Won't Lose!
Battle on the Waves
Yay! It's a new record sale!
"It's the Shop Box. What to do?
Today's Sale: @0@ Gold
Record Sale: @1@ Gold"
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
It's my storage trunk.
Look inside.
Pick it up.
Break it.
"Contents picked up at +8AM+.
Estimated Sale Value: @0@ Gold"
Look inside.
Look at sale records.
Pick it up.
Break it.
"Here's a good place to draw
It's @キャラ0@.
Call the airship.
Pick it up.
Break it.
Pick it up.
Break it.
"I don't think I should pick this
up right now."
Do I really want to break this?
Yes, I'm sure.
Of course not!
"I think people will get mad at me
if I break this right now."
Call it a day?
Hmm...what do I want to do?
Hmm...what do I want to do?
"The best way to get used to my
new job as @姫@ is to do
the Requests in the Request Box."
"I should go to the +East Forest+
soon. Venti did ask me to, after
"I have to do something about that
monster in the +Southeast Ruins+
"I need to go and investigate the
+Southeast Ruins+ to find out
what that voice is."
"Oh yeah...That girl is waiting by
the +Obsidian Mansion+, isn't she?"
"Oh yeah...Pico is waiting by the
+Obsidian Mansion+, isn't she?"
"I have to go catch the chipsqueek
that ran away to @マップ0@!"
"I should go chase that chipsqueek
that ran away."
"I should go take a Rune Sphere to
where @ディラス@ was."
"I need to go to the @マップ0@ and
see if there are +Rune Spheres+ there."
"I need to find another
+Rune Sphere+."
"From what that traveler said, I
might be able to find another
+Rune Sphere+."
"Maybe I should go and talk to the
traveler at the inn..."
"I should go and find the next
+Rune Sphere+."
"I need to take the third Rune
Sphere to @マップ0@."
"I need to go to @マップ0@, to
the west of the mansion, and save
the last Guardian!"
"I should ask around the town to
see if anyone knows how to get
into @マップ0@."
"I should ask @ダグ@ about the
Sechs Empire. I think he's in the
clinic right now?"
I should check up on @セルザ@...
"If @ダグ@ is right, there is an
Imperial research lab in a cave where
it's always spring. "
"Those soldiers were headed to the
southwest, to the very western
edge of the frozen lands."
Let's go to the western Empire!
"Let's go after Ethelberd,
who's run off deep into the
"Let's use the airship to reach
the Flying Castle!"
"First things first, let's climb
into @マップ0@ and make our way
to the Forest of Beginnings!"
"Let's go to the cave in @マップ0@!
I have to save Venti for real
this time!"
"I have to tell Venti about that
"I wonder if that girl is okay. I
should stop by the +Clinic+
and check up on her."
Write a diary entry.
Town Events
"@しゅじんこうくん@!! I have
something of great importance I
must tell you!"
"【Current Event】
Florist by Day, Sleuth by Night!"
"【Event Participants】
Illuminata, Amber, Xiao Pai,
"【Current Event】
It's a Mystery!"
"【Event Participants】
Illuminata, Forte, Kiel, Bado"
"【Current Event】
Barrels of Fun"
"【Event Participants】
Porcoline, Margaret, Vishnal,
Kiel, Arthur, Forte, Xiao Pai"
"【Current Event】
Get It Together!"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Amber, Doug, Forte,
Arthur, Margaret, Dolce"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Amber, Doug, Forte,
Arthur, Margaret"
"【Current Event】
Eyeglass Mania"
"【Event Participants】
Arthur, Volkanon, Bado, Kiel,
Lin Fa, Xiao Pai, Vishnal"
"【Current Event】
A Friendly Secret"
"【Event Participants】
Margaret, Clorica, Xiao Pai,
"【Current Event】
Pajama Party Time!"
"【Event Participants】
Vishnal, Kiel, Arthur, Doug,
Dylas, Leon"
"【Event Participants】
Vishnal, Kiel, Arthur, Doug,
"【Event Participants】
Vishnal, Kiel, Arthur, Doug"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Forte, Margaret, Amber,
Xiao Pai, Dolce, Pico"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Forte, Margaret, Amber,
Xiao Pai"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Forte, Margaret,
Xiao Pai"
"【Current Event】
A Knight's Steed"
"【Event Participants】
Forte, Kiel, Bado, Clorica,
Arthur, Volkanon"
"【Current Event】
The Running Sign"
"【Event Participants】
Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones, Kiel,
Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porco"
"【Event Participants】
Margaret, Arthur, Doug, Dylas"
"【Current Event】
Eternal Rivals"
"【Event Participants】
Doug, Dylas, Blossom, Porcoline,
Margaret, Vishnal"
"【Current Event】
A Cooper's Windfall"
"【Event Participants】
Lin Fa, Kiel, Forte, Bado,
Yang Fan"
"【Current Event】
Uh-oh, It's Contagious"
"【Event Participants】
Xiao Pai, Lin Fa"
"【Current Event】
Don't Fall For It, Vishnal!"
"【Event Participants】
Vishnal, Bado"
"【Current Event】
Someone Has the Wrong Idea"
"【Event Participants】
Volkanon, Margaret, Arthur"
"【Current Event】
How To Make A Pile Of Money"
"【Event Participants】
Bado, Vishnal, Forte, Porcoline,
Margaret, Arthur"
"【Current Event】
Thoughts Lost in the Lake"
"【Event Participants】
Margaret, Illuminata"
"【Current Event】
A Part-Time Job!"
"【Event Participants】
Kiel, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Doug,
"【Current Event】
Shiny Memories"
"【Event Participants】
Blossom, Doug, Xiao Pai, Arthur,
Porcoline, Margaret, Ventuswill"
"【Current Event】
Doug's Secret"
"【Event Participants】
Doug, Blossom, Margaret, Traveler"
"【Current Event】
A Day In Leon's Life"
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
Don't Forget Your Physical!"
"【Event Participants】
Jones, Margaret, Porcoline,
"【Current Event】
Introducing Amber Watson"
"【Event Participants】
Amber, Kiel, Bado, Arthur,
"【Current Event】
Smile Practice"
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
A Porco and An Elf"
"【Event Participants】
Porcoline, Illuminata, Margaret"
"【Current Event】
A Favor Repaid"
"【Event Participants】
Dylas, Margaret, Arthur,
"【Current Event】
Too Much Free Time"
"【Event Participants】
Dylas, Doug, Vishnal, Kiel,
Arthur, Leon"
"【Current Event】
A Performance Without an Audience"
"【Event Participants】
Margaret, Dolce, Pico"
"【Current Event】
Sweet Nothings"
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
Love Charms"
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
Mood Reversal Medicine"
"【Event Participants】
Jones, Arthur"
"【Current Event】
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
Your Answer"
"【Event Participants】
Vishnal, Clorica, Volkanon"
"【Current Event】
An Ephemeral Wish"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Vishnal, Volkanon,
Forte, Xiao Pai, Margaret"
"【Event Participants】
Blossom, Jones, Nancy"
"【Current Event】
Where the Heart Is"
"【Event Participants】
Forte, Kiel, Bado, Nancy, Jones,
Vishnal, Clorica"
"【Current Event】
The Red Knight"
"【Event Participants】
Forte, Kiel, Bado, Vishnal,
Clorica, Arthur"
"【Current Event】
Being Here"
"【Event Participants】
Margaret, Porcoline"
"【Current Event】
For Clumsy You"
"【Event Participants】
"【Current Event】
Transient Vision"
"【Event Participants】
Forte, Kiel, Vishnal, Margaret,
Arthur, Volkanon"
"【Current Event】
Never Gonna Give Up!"
"【Event Participants】
Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline,
Margaret, Blossom, Kiel"
"【Event Participants】
Yang Fan"
"【Current Event】
"【Event Participants】
Amber, Illuminata, Forte, Kiel"
"【Current Event】
A Very Special Ring"
"【Event Participants】
Doug, Vishnal, Kiel, Arthur,
Leon, Dylas, Bado"
"【Event Participants】
Clorica, Forte, Margaret, Amber,
Xiao Pai, Dolce"
"【Current Event】
The Language of Flowers"
"【Event Participants】
Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones"
"【Current Event】
A Letter From the Past"
"【Event Participants】
Leon, Kiel, Forte, Arthur,
Lin Fa, Xiao Pai"
"【Current Event】
My First Errand"
"【Event Participants】
@キャラ0@, @子供ちゃん@, Volkanon,
Blossom, Jones, Lin Fa"
"【Current Event】
Secret Present"
"【Event Participants】
@キャラ0@, @子供ちゃん@"
"【Current Event】
I Want To Get Stronger!"
"【Event Participants】
@子供ちゃん@, Jones"
"【Current Event】
Do You Like Me?"
"【Event Participants】
@キャラ0@, @子供ちゃん@"
"【Current Event】
A Stroll In the Sky"
"【Event Participants】
@キャラ0@, Ventuswill"
"I can't just sit here and do
Now's not the time for this...
Take along.
Assign field chores.
Change name.
Send back to forest.
Take along.
Change name.
Send back to forest.
Assign planting chores.
Rescind planting chores.
Rescind field chores.
Take along.
Change name.
Send home.
Change name.
"Plant seeds where I tilled the
field, okay?"
You can stop planting seeds now.
"Hmm...I don't think any more can
come with me. "
C'mon, let's go!
"Awww, you aren't feeling well,
are you? You should stay home
and rest up. "
"Maybe I should cook something
tasty for you to eat."
"Thanks for your help,
"Great work today! Go on home and
rest now. "
Hmm, now where should you work?
Wherever is fine.
Lower right.
On second thought, no.
"Uh-oh. You don't look like you're
feeling too well. You should rest
instead of doing chores. "
"Maybe I should cook something
tasty for you to eat!"
"Maybe you could also help me
out with planting if I gave you
some money and seeds."
Help me with planting.
No, not right now.
Let's not plant any more seeds.
"...Actually, there really isn't
anywhere open for them to work,
"This place is too unstable for me
to ride. We should move somewhere
else first."
"I should get off for now. I can
get on again someplace else."
"Hmm...I don't know if riding
you is such a good idea."
"But do I really want to let you
go? If I do that, I'll never see
you again..."
Send back.
Good bye! Take care!
"It looks like @会話モン@ is a
little tired."
"It looks like @会話モン@ is too
tired to move."
"@会話モン@ is tired this morning,
so I think it's best to take the
day off. "
@会話モン@ looks happy! Hooray!
Thanks for your help.
"It's helping with the +left+
field. Help with planting will
require seed money and wages."
"It's helping with the +middle+
field. Help with planting will
require seed money and wages."
"It's helping with the +right+
field. Help with planting will
require seed money and wages."
"Hmm...I don't think you like me
enough to help out with stuff
like planting seeds yet. "
"Hmm...I don't think you like me
enough to help out with stuff
like planting seeds yet. "
The barn is full.
I don't have a barn yet.
"There! That's @数字0@ of 'em.
@キャラ0@, ho!"
Only @数字1@ @キャラ0@ left to go!
"That's all @数字0@ of 'em.
Bye, @キャラ0@! Now to report back. "
"Yay! I've hooked the @アイテム0@
that was dropped!"
Yay, @アイテム0@!
Whoa! @アイテム0@! Awesome!
"Woo hoo! Let's hear it for
@アイテム0@ power!"
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@!
Wait, these have rare versions?
"I caught a @0@.@2@cm
"Yay! I caught a @0@.@2@cm
"Ha ha... It's a @0@.@2@cm
"Catch #@数字1@!
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"A new Festival Entry Record!
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@.
It's the same as the @1@.@3@cm
one I caught before."
"It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@.
It's smaller than the @1@.@3@cm
one I caught before."
"Catch #@数字1@!
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"Well, it's not a squid, but...
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"Variety #@数字1@!
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"I've caught this kind before.
It's a @0@.@2@cm @アイテム0@."
"It's almost time to announce the
results. I should pay attention."
"Yay! It's a new record for the
+Biggest Catch+!
"Wow! It's a new record for the
+Tiniest Catch+!
"Gotta start off on the right
foot with a proper greeting."
"Huh? I didn't learn anything.
Maybe I should +practice cooking+
"Huh? I didn't learn anything.
Maybe I should +practice forging
and using weapons+ more."
"Huh? I didn't learn anything.
Maybe I should get more
+practice crafting accessories+."
"Huh? I didn't learn anything.
Maybe I should get more
+practice mixing medicine+."
"Huh? I didn't learn anything.
Maybe I should +practice forging
and using tools+ some more."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
It's very +Simple Cooking+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Frying Pan+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Pot+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Steamer+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Knife+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Mixer+."
"I can cook [@アイテム0@] now!
I'll need to use my +Oven+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Short Sword+ I can make in
my +Forge+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Long Sword+ I can make in my
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Spear+ I can make in my +Forge+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Hammer/Axe+ I can make in my
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
They're +Dual Blades+ I can make in my
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Glove+ I can make in my +Forge+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Staff+ I can make in my +Forge+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Tool+ I can make in my +Forge+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's an +Accessory+ I can piece
together at my +Crafting Table+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's a +Shield+ I can construct at my
+Crafting Table+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's +Headgear+ I can put together
at my +Crafting Table+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's +Armor+ I can construct at my
+Crafting Table+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
They're +Shoes+ I can cobble at my
+Crafting Table+."
"I can make [@アイテム0@] now!
It's +Medicine+ I can mix with my
+Chemistry Set+."
Request Completed!
Event Cleared!
"There's a sound like a monkey
screeching inside. I think
I can go in..."
Go in.
No, not right now.
"I can hear something slithering
around inside. I think I can go
Go in.
No, not right now.
"I can hear a dragon roaring
inside. I think I can go in..."
Go in.
No, not right now.
"Yay! I figured out a Short Sword
Dash attack!"
"Attack while running to dash
forward and stab a faraway
"Yay! I figured out a Short Sword
Charge attack!"
"Hold down @字@ for a short time and
then let it go to launch an enemy
into the air!"
"Yay! I figured out the Short
Sword Ultimate Attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
"Yay! I figured out a Long Sword
Dash attack!"
"Attack while running to dash
forward and bring a big over-
head swing down on an enemy."
"Yay! I figured out a Long Sword
Charge attack!"
"Hold down @字@ for a time, then let
it go..."
"...and launch an enemy straight
up into the air!"
"Yay! I figured out the Long Sword
Ultimate Attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
"Yay! I figured out a Spear Dash
"Attack while running to lower the
spear and charge ahead, stabbing
everything in your path!"
"Yay! I figured out a Spear Charge
"Hold down @字@ for a time, then let
it go..."
"...and skewer the enemy right in
front of you!"
"Attack again right after the last
blow landed to jab the enemy over
and over again!"
"Yay! I figured out the Spear
Ultimate Attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
"Yay! I figured out an Axe/Hammer
Dash attack!"
"Attack while moving to spin
around and do a whirling attack!"
"Yay! I figured out an Axe/Hammer
Charge attack!"
"Hold down @字@ for a time, then let
it go..."
"...and smash your weapon into the
ground for a cool pound attack!"
"Yay! I figured out the Axe/
Hammer Ultimate attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
"Yay! I figured out a Dual Blade
Dash attack!"
"Attack while moving to jump
forward and slice an enemy!"
"Yay! I figured out a Dual Blade
Charge attack!"
"Hold down @字@ for a time, then let
it go..."
"...and launch an enemy straight
up into the air!"
"Yay! I figured out the Dual
Blade Ultimate Attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
"Yay! I figured out a Glove Dash
"Attack while moving to jump
forward and pound an enemy!"
"Yay! I figured out a Glove
Charge attack!"
"Hold down @字@ for a time, then let
it go..."
"...and tumble forward into an
acrobatic attack!"
"While tumbling, press the
+Control Pad+ or push the
+Circle Pad+ to change direction."
"Yay! I figured out the Ultimate
Glove Attack!"
"At the end of a normal combo,
press @字@ repeatedly
to do the Ultimate Attack."
Your @アイテム0@ is level @0@."
"I don't think I can fit any more
furniture in here. I should put
this somewhere else."
"Or maybe I should return this to
where it was...?"
"Now be sure to stretch thoroughly
before you go swimming."
"You look lovely in that swimsuit.
It's quite flattering on you!"
"@しゅじんこうくん@, please be
absolutely certain you do not
start to drown."
"If you do, I...won't be able to come
rescue you."
Oh? Why not?
Because I sink like a rock!
"Really, I would very much like
to finally learn how to swim
this year."
Don't you practice?
Isn't that beyond you?
How about I teach you?
"Oh, I train diligently every
"But somehow, even though I wear
floaties and have a life ring, I
still find a way to sink."
No, nothing is beyond me!
"If I do not give up...if I keep
training diligently year after
year...I will learn someday!"
In fact, I will train RIGHT NOW!!
"Erm, thank you. But as I almost
drowned a few minutes ago, I
think I will pass."
Summer is coming to a close.
Yes, it is.
"I had hoped that, this year, I
might finally experience a
sweatless summer. But I failed."
"The summer heat is not to be
underestimated! But next year...
next year I will succeed!"
Well, the year is almost over.
"Yeah. It's hard to believe it's
been an entire year."
"Next year, I resolve to train
EVEN HARDER to become an elite
Good luck!
Just give up already.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
What?! How can you say that?!
Happy Birthday!
Why, thank you!
"I've had so many wonderful
birthday wishes from everyone
"It's been deeply touching, and I
am very thankful. I want to repay
all this kindness..."
" becoming the VERY BEST
butler I can possibly be! I can
do it! I WILL do it!!"
"I decided to make a Vishnal
Special Cake to give to Clorica
for her +birthday+ this year."
...Is it edible?
Does it taste okay?
Have you tried it?
What is that supposed to mean?
Oh, nothing...
"It should taste perfect! I nearly
killed myself baking it, after
Of course I tasted it.
You don't trust me, do you?"
"Just you watch! Clorica will be
so happy, tears will cascade down
her face like a waterfall!"
What are you looking at?
"My notes on how to prepare
"You see, it is Mr. Volkanon's
+birthday+ tomorrow."
"I have been researching the best
way to prepare @アイテム0@
so that I can make some for him."
"I have heard that tea can taste
really different depending on
how you steep it."
"Yes. And Mr. Volkanon has done so
much for me."
"I want to prepare the very best
@アイテム0@ that he has ever
"I'm going to give Kiel some
@アイテム0@ for his +birthday+."
Can you guess why?
Because it's cheap?
Because @キール@ likes it?
So you can eat some, too?
"Erm...Ah ha...yes, there is
that! But that is not all."
"@アイテム0@ is his favorite,
you see."
"So I decided to make that his
present this year!"
"I knew you would know,
Precisely. It is quite tas--
Wait! No! That's not why!
"@アイテム0@ is his favorite,
that's why!"
"Honestly! I wonder about the
things you say sometimes."
"I am planning to give some
homemade @アイテム0@ to Doug
To @ダグ@?
What for?
YOU made it?
Well, tomorrow is his +birthday+.
"I thought I might make a favorite of
his as a +birthday present+."
"Oh! But please don't let him know
until tomorrow. It will be our
"...You know, that answer almost
sounds as if you were implying
Of course I made it.
"But don't worry. It turned out
just fine. I have full confidence
that I made it right this time!"
"Have you acclimated to life here
in town?"
"Yes, thank you. I think I've
grown a little more accustomed
to it."
" needn't speak so
formally with me."
"I would really rather you didn't,
"I am still only training to be a
butler. I am not yet fit to serve
"That is why I, I beg you
to be informal with me!"
"I would like you to be my pretend
master, so that I can hone my
skills as a butler!"
"And the way I talk will help you
pretend I'm your master?"
"Yes, of course! Appearances can
be very important, you know."
"Please! Think of it as a great
favor to me!"
All right.
"Wh-what?! Please! I would be ever
so grateful if you could at least
Thank you ever so much!
"No problem. It doesn't sound all
that hard."
"Erm...also, if you wouldn't mind
"Would it be possible for me to
call you @その他0@?"
Um, I'm not a @姫@, you know.
I-I know that!
"It's just...well, it, um, it's
always been a dream of mine..."
Hmm. Let me think about this.
...All right.
No. Just... no.
"It's a little embarrassing to
be honest, but I guess it can't
hurt every now and again."
"Really? Thank you so much,
What?! But...!
No means no.
Oh, all right.
"It isn't my place to make
you do something you'd dislike,
I suppose."
"In this, I shall gracefully admit
defeat. My apologies for asking
such a selfish favor of you."
"Well then, @しゅじんこうくん@.
I am pleased to meet you, and I
look forward to serving you!"
Yes? How may I be of service?
It's nothing. Just a scratch!
I'm all right. I can keep going.
"A little status ailment won't
stop me!"
Please call me again anytime.
Be careful!
"Well then, as I have work to do
tomorrow, I shall take my leave."
"@ビシュナル@, let's go out
somewhere together."
"I'm sorry, I'm terribly busy
right now."
"As you wish! I will gladly
accompany you."
"I will gladly accompany you
again when next you have some
free time, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"@しゅじんこうくん@, should you
have no plans at the moment,
would you care to join me?"
"...Or, well, I suppose you're
busy right now..."
"I shall ask again at a later
"Thank you!
Let's can go somewhere nice. "
I'm so glad! Let's go."
"Oh, how unfortunate. I shall ask
again at a later time."
That was a joke?
Goodness! You surprised me.
Do you mean that...?
"I...I understand your feelings
for me, @しゅじんこうくん@."
May I have some time to think?
"Meet me at @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours tomorrow."
"I will have an answer for you
Well, erm, I shall see you later.
"Erm...I promise I will have an
answer for you tomorrow."
"Meet me at @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours."
"Erm...I will have an answer for
you later today. I promise."
"Meet me at @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours."
Let me hear your answer.
"I have something I would like to
ask you first."
"To be blunt, I...I'm just a
rank amateur, you know!"
Yeah, I know.
Yep, you sure are!
"Urk! Hearing it confirmed so
blithely like that is a little
"I'm too loud. I mess up a lot and
get yelled at constantly."
"I'm clumsy. A-and I break dishes
all the time!"
You sure do.
So what?
So, erm...I, uh...
"I'm not very good at anything at
all, even for a novice."
But, I...
I love you, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Oh, I'm well aware! ♪
You do?!
"So please allow me to ask you but
one question..."
Will you go out with me?
I would love to!
Ha ha ha, no.
"I-I'm very serious about this,
you know."
"I'd be upset if you WEREN'T
serious about it."
"Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@!!
Thank you so much!"
It...It was all a lie...?
Oh, I know!
"Since we are together now, why
don't we think of special names
to call each other?"
"What would you like for me to
call you?"
The same as always is OK.
"Are you sure? I wouldn't mind
changing it."
"But, as you wish. I will continue
to use your name as usual."
A-are you sure?
Well...all right.
"Oh, my. I have to admit, I'm a
tiny bit embarrassed..."
"Would you mind if I speak less
Not at all.
Well then, if you don't mind...
Don't you like it?
"Um, th-that's not it. As, er, as
a simple novice, I, um, I am a
little hesitant to be so bold..."
It's okay.
"You're my boyfriend now,
@ビシュナル@, and you aren't
a novice at all!"
Yep! ♪
"Th-then I will call you
@しゅじんこうくん@, okay?"
Sure. ♪
"Yes. It has a lovely ring to it,
don't you agree?"
"Yes, @しゅじんこうくん@. It is as
you say, my lady."
"Well then, what shall you call
The same as always.
Really? Understood!
What? @ビシュナル@?
A-are you sure?
Here. "@ビシュナル@."
I guess that's all right.
"Ooh. It feels like we've become
closer already."
Ooh, I like it!
Why not? I think it's cute.
"That, um...that's a little
"Um, isn't it still a little early
for that?!"
So, later, then?
Oh, come on. It'll be fine!
"It's just a name, after all.
Master! ♪"
"Well then, erm...
@しゅじんこうくん@... I look
forward to our future together."
Me too, @ビシュナル@.
Ha ha! There you go, again.
"You're very good at making
people laugh, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Wha...? He didn't get it?
"I care about you very much as
well, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"I can't say I agree with telling
another man you love him when you
are already married, you know."
"O-oh my. Even though we are both
men? I-I'm flattered, but..."
"And I you. We are the best of
friends, after all!"
@しゅじんこうくん@, this...
"Yes. I think I can finally answer
you today."
"I know now that I can return
your feelings for me, @ビシュナル@."
"I can say that I love you with
"@ビシュナル@, I love you!
Please marry me!"
"I...I understand your feelings
for me, @しゅじんこうくん@."
And I love you, too.
"My feelings for you have not
grown any more distant..."
"In fact, I feel closer to you
than ever! @しゅじんこうくん@,
I love you!"
"Now, let us find a priest and
begin the wedding ceremony!"
"Whoa, whoa! Isn't it a little
soon for the ceremony?"
Not in the least!
"I feel as if I've been waiting
for this forever."
...Mm. Hee, I guess you're right.
Well then, on with the wedding! ♪
A-A RING?! Y-you mustn't!
"I-I'm sorry, but shouldn't those
sorts of things be, uh, I mean
d-don't we, um...I, uh..."
"You're stuttering so badly I can
hardly understand what you're
Ooh, you made another one?
"You are very good at making
rings, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
"Now, now! Trash belongs in the
trash can."
Wh-what? @アイテム9@...?
"I am always willing to accept a
challenge but, erm..."
"This is one time I am going to
have to decline!"
Turnip Mask?
"W-why are you carrying that
What's wrong?
"Erm, no thank you. @アイテム9@
is not something I care much for."
"No, please! I really don't want
No! Stop!
Turnip Mask, NOOOO!!
"Wait, LOOK! It's Pink Turnip
"Help me, Pink Turnip Mask!
Save me!"
Um, are you okay?

  • HUFF*...*HUFF*...

"Y-yes, I'm fine. It was just a
daydream is all."
"You see, Turnip Mask had come
and was trying to give me
Save me, Pink Turnip Mask!
What? Do I hate @アイテム9@?
Well, um...
"@アイテム9@! You too?!
I can see you trying to hide
it behind your back!"
"A-are you going to force me to
take it too?!"
Turnip Mask...!
It's...getting bigger?!
Are you okay?
Oh, erm...yes.
"May I ask you a very large favor?
Please never, ever give me a
"I...I've been too traumatized by
Turnip Mask just got a power-up!!
O-oh no.
SUPER Turnip Mask?
...No. Just, no. Please!
It's too huge! Too huge...!
"I cannot stand +turnips+, I just
Stay away...!
Stay away from meeee!!!
Help! Help me, Pink Turnip Ma--
WAIT! N-no...No! Not you too!!
"Wh-what happened to Super Turnip
...He's not here.
Oh. It was just a dream.
"Goodness. What a nightmare!
...Though I wasn't asleep."
"Please. Whatever you do, please
don't ever, ever give me a
@アイテム9@ again. Ever."
"Oh, and no @アイテム8@, either!
I beg you!"
I...I can't take it any more.
"This world is finished.
Wait...what is that gleam?
It's so bright...
+Golden power+...!
Are you okay?
Y-yes. I think so.
Please, I beg you. Stop. No more.
That...that golden gleam...
"If you would like to give me
something, I'd much rather it
be a simple @アイテム0@."
Thank you.
For me? Thank you!
@アイテム9@? Thank you!
I may have this? Thank you!
"By the way, @しゅじんこうくん@, do
you know what my favorite foods
"My very favorites are things like
@アイテム0@ and @アイテム1@."
@アイテム9@? Oh my, my favorite!
"I've liked these ever since I
was little. Thank you!"
"Thank you! I actually really like
this stuff."
Oh, thank you! I love these.
"Oh, what a lovely @アイテム9@.
Thank you."
What? For me?
"@しゅじんこうくん@, are you
What, don't you want it?
No, I do want it!
I want it very much! Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
"I could have @アイテム9@ every
day and never get tired of it."
It is the best treat there is. @アイテム9@!
"These are so rare you can hardly
ever find them."
Thank you so much!
Are...are you Shiny Turnip Mask?
You're...Golden Turnip Mask?
You''re my friend?
"Thank you Golden Turnip Mask! I
love you!"
"No, wait!
Wait, Golden Turnip Mask!"
There are two of them!
"No matter how powerful you are,
to face TWO of them--"
That can't be--!!
"Whew...Golden Turnip Mask said he
was my friend. I like them so
much better when we're friends."
There he is!!
"AMAZING! Super Golden Turnip Mask
just defeated Super Turnip Mask
AND Super Pink Turnip Mask!!!"
"That was INCREDIBLE, Super Golden
Turnip Mask!!"
"You are SO COOL, Super Golden
Turnip Mask!!"
"Three cheers for Super Golden
"I don't think so poorly of the
old @アイテム9@ anymore now.
In fact, it's my favorite!"
Wait, what...?
Ooh, it looks so tasty!


...Ah, love.
"I just LOVE these. They are so
"Wh-what? Are you giving me this
for my +birthday+...?"
"I could never eat this on my
"A +birthday present+ for me? Why,
thank you! You shouldn't have!"
For me...?"
"Why, thank you! This has been a
wonderful +birthday+!"
"Thank you! Now I can work on my
cooking skills even more!"
Oh, thank you!
"Oh my! What a marvelous feast!
And it's for me...?"
I'm so touched!!
"Oh my! What a rare and wonderful
present! And it's for me...?"
I'm so touched!!
Thank you.
"Home-made cooking for me? On my
+birthday+? How thoughtful of
Thank you so very much!
"Thank you! I'm honored to receive
a handmade present from you for
my birthday."
"For me? And one made by you,
no less!"
"This is the happiest +birthday+
I have ever had!"
Thank you!
"It's an honor to receive a hand-
made present from you for my
Thank you so much!
"Thank you! It's a great honor to
receive a handmade gift from
you, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"@アイテム0@? And handmade
by you, no less?"
"Thank you! This is a wonderful
present! I love it!"
"Here! I've cooked a delicious
meal for you as thanks for all
that you have done for me."
"No need to be so formal.
Please, have some!"
"Here. I would like to give this
to you, as thanks for all that
you do for me."
"It isn't the best-made, but I
hope you like it."
No, it's wonderful. Thank you!
"Erm, to be honest, I'm not very
fond of +turnips+."
"Yes. I like other vegetables
perfectly well, but not them."
"Arthur likes +turnips+, though.
Perhaps you could give it to him."
Oh, but...
Erm, nothing. Never mind.
"Honestly, I am not at all fond of
"Our +wedding anniversary+ is
"@しゅじんこうくん@, did you
Of course!
Remember what?
I knew you would!
"I've thought very hard about
what meaningful words I could
give to you today."
"It is our +wedding anniversary+
after all. Like I told you."
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"I've thought of some very
important things I'd like
to tell you today!"
"@しゅじんこうくん@, I am really,
truly happy that I met you."
"There are many things that
could happen to us and
between us in the future."
But that doesn't matter!
"I will love you always and
"I am so, so happy you chose me to
be with you."
@しゅじんこうくん@, I love you.
"Oh. I-I guess little things like
that aren't worth remembering."
"Um, @しゅじんこうくん@? Did I
do something wrong?"
I overheard +something+...
"And, to be honest, it's made me a
little uneasy."
"I'm not sure I know how much you
love me anymore, @しゅじんこうくん@."
I do love you.
You don't have to worry.
"Y-you're right. I'm sorry for
bringing up something silly like
It's okay.
@しゅじんこうくん@, I love you.
And I love you too.
+Happy Birthday+!"
I have a present for you.
You do?
Yes! Here. Please accept it.
"Here. I have a +birthday+ present
for you."
I, um...
I love you.
Thank you.
"You don't look so well. Are you
"Here, I have some medicine.
Please take some and rest."
"Maybe you should go and see Dr.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, look! Look!
@アイテム0@! I made it!
And I made it right!"
"You don't have to act so
Oh. Sorry.
"But you didn't mess it up!
That's great!"
"Yes! All my training is finally
paying off."
...I failed again.
Ah ha...
I'm sorry.
"No, no. It's okay. Why don't
you try it again?"
"Yes! This time I'll get it
right for sure!"
"@しゅじんこうくん@, I tried to
make lunch for you, but I
messed it up."
Oh no...
"I'm sorry. I promise I'll try
harder tomorrow."
"Here, I've made @アイテム0@ for
your lunch. Even I can handle
something simple like that!"
"Here, I've made @アイテム0@ for
your lunch. See, I'm not THAT
terrible a cook!"
"Hello, @しゅじんこうくん@.
The best of luck to you today
as always!"
"It's the beginning of another
wonderful day, @しゅじんこうくん@.
I'll see you later!"
"Good luck, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Try to stay safe and not get
hurt, okay?"
"Please don't stay out too late.
It's dangerous."
Have a good day, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"You've gotten quite good at
farming, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"But do not let yourself become
too confident. You must watch
your +RP+ at all times."
"You seem to have a good grasp on
farming now, @しゅじんこうくん@."
I knew you were talented.
"My, my! You are a veritable pro
farmer now, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
"I think I may have to take a
few tips from you!"
Truly incredible!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, I honestly do
not think there is any better
farmer than you."
You are...
"It seems you've gotten the hang
of logging already. You learned
so quickly, I admit I'm jealous!"
"You've gotten quite good at
logging, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
Well done!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, you have
become incredibly good at
I am in awe!
"You are amazing! Stupendous!
A veritable master logger!"
"I almost want to beg permission
to become your apprentice."
Truly, you are incredible.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, here.
This is for you."
"I came across this book that
I think you may find rather
"It should help you greatly
improve your skills."
Your Farming Skill level went up!
Your Logging Skill level went up!
"I am not a particularly good
cook, but I do know a lot of
"Here, @しゅじんこうくん@, let me
teach you a few! ♪"
"@しゅじんこうくん@...I think I
want children."
I do, too.
I'd rather not just yet.
"Our children will be adorable,
I just know it!"
Aww, really?
"Oh, but this does mean we'll
get to have more time for just
the two of us."
"You've thought about this very
carefully, haven't you."
"But I didn't, and I should have.
I'm sorry..."
Our baby...?!
"Sorry, but I think I'll have to
bother you for more things now,
Bother? It's no bother at all!
"Of course not! I've wanted this
child just as much as you!"
"And, above all, it is my duty as
your husband to protect and
care for you!"
Thank you, my great protector. ♪
Leave everything to me!
Oh, that's right!
"Erm...which is it? A boy or a
I don't know.
Which would you like it to be?
A boy?
How wonderful!
"I hope he'll grow up to be just
as much a hard-worker as his
Oh, you flatter me.
A girl?
"She will be just as beautiful
as you, @しゅじんこうくん@, I'm
sure of it."
Oh, I'm not that pretty.
Yes you are!
"You are the best wife in the
entire world!"
"If it's our child, they'll
be cute no matter what."
"Now, I'm going to go and tell
everyone the great news."
What? You are?!
Don't you want me to?
No, it's not that.
Well I'll go tell them, then.
"...It's just...kind of
embarrassing, I guess..."
Today is @子供ちゃん@'s birthday!
"See how happily and healthily our
baby has grown?"
I'm so proud!
Oh, @アイテム0@?
"How about @1@ Gold for
@0@ @アイテム0@?"
"All right. Then how about
@1@ Gold?"
I see...
Well then, we have a deal!
"I'm sorry. I think I will
have to pass today."
Hmm... What to do?
Is there anything else?
"Thank you for these wonderful
Good luck with your shop!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, I'm very glad
I had the opportunity to meet
"Just your presence has helped me
grow so much."
"I'm sorry to spring this all of
a sudden."
"But I wanted to let you know how
I feel."
@しゅじんこうくん@...thank you.
"Are things going well with your
"You're so lucky. I wish I had a
lover, too."
"Are things going well with
"You make a lovely couple. I'm
"How about we go somewhere
"Oh, drat! I have work to do
I'm sorry.
"I would love to accompany you!
Where shall we go?"
"So tomorrow at @0@ hundred hours,
we'll go to @マップ1@, then."
I can't wait!
"Would you like to come to my
What did you say?
"Um...Would you like to come to
my room?"
W-would I?!
Of course!!
How about we relax at home?
"That sounds like a wonderful
idea. Let's."
Erm, I'm afraid I can't swim.
That's okay.
"All right, then I shall accompany
"How about we head toward
"If it's with you, @しゅじんこうくん@,
I would gladly go anywhere."
"Would you care to go shopping
at @マップ0@?"
@マップ0@, huh?
W-well then, erm...
"Shall we go to your room,
My room?
"Are you sure? It's not really
anything special..."
I don't mind!
All right. My room it is, then.
"Shall we have a date in your
room, then?"
Yeah, let's.
"Well then, shall we head toward
"Oh, wait. I already have a date
right around then. I probably
"Um, @ビシュナル@?
Are you nervous?"
A-A little.
"Just remembering that this is
a date makes me a little...
And makes my face feel warm.
"Um...w-would it be all right
if we held hands?"
"Oh! B-but what if she doesn't
want to...?"
"But maybe, just maybe she
wouldn't mind too much..."
Argh! What should I do?
Hold hands.
What's wrong?
Wha?! don't want to?
"It's fine! Perfectly fine!
Absolutely fine! R-really..."
Okay. ♪
Oh, if only I had more courage!
"Are you having fun,
Are you?
I'm having lots of fun, too.
"Oh goodness, I can't believe
I've been so stupid!!"
"Of course I'm having fun! Th-this
is the height of entertainment,
you could say!"
"We can spend the whole day
together, @ビシュナル@."
"It's not just today that we'll
be together. We can be together
I had lots of fun today.
Thank you!
"Um, @しゅじんこうくん@...? We
had an, erm, appointment today."
I've been waiting and waiting...
"Well, if you forgot, I guess
there's no changing that now."
"We'll just have to try again
some other time."
"Yeah. I'm really sorry about
"It's all right. Just please don't
forget next time, okay?"
How could you forget?
I've been waiting all day!
"Once you've made an appointment,
please try not to forget it!
It's terribly rude!"
"We'll go to @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours tomorrow."
Please try not to forget.
"We'll go to @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours today."
Please try not to forget.
Well then, shall we be off?
"You've been smiling an awful
lot today."
Of course!
"I get to spend today with you,
What's there to frown about?
You're late!
"I had started to wonder if you
were going to come at all."
"It is polite to try to arrive at
least 5 minutes early for an
I'm sorry.
My, you're early.
"Have you been looking forward
to this as much as I have?"
"Well then, let us be off to
"If you have a moment, could we
please speak in private?"
"I, erm...I expected dates to
be something done with only
two people..."
"Hello. It's been quite some
"Erm...should I introduce myself
"Hello. It's been quite some
"@しゅじんこうくん@...have I
done something to make you not
like me?"
"I would really like the chance
to speak with you more often."
"My, it feels like it's been
"We are married, after all. Even
if we're busy, we should try to
find the time to talk more."
I did it! I won!
"All my training has finally paid
Happy New Year!
"As of today, we shall turn over a
new leaf!"
"Everything is new and fresh!
Let's give it all our very best!"
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"Let's both give it our best,
"It is time to show everyone
the fruits of my training."
"I've trained hard enough that I
can now predict the path of the
Leave the clean-up to me.
"I will have everything squeaky
clean in no time!"
"I wonder what everyone will
cook for tomorrow."
I can hardly wait!
"I've trained my hardest with
my own recipe. I've even fasted
in anticipation!"
I will not lose easily!
Urf...I think I overate.
I...I can't...move...
"Tomorrow is the long awaited
That giant Wooly is adorable!
"If I am going to be an elite
butler, I should be able to
win a festival contest or two!"
I...I didn't win.
"All right, it is time to train
for tomorrow's @カレンダー0@!"
"I think I overdid it with my
training. My arms are so sore..."
"I wasn't able to muster as great
an effort as I'd hoped."
"I think there is such a thing as
training TOO hard..."
Everyone is really excited!
"I'm going to train so I can do
my very best in tomorrow's
"All this exercise really warms
the body, doesn't it?"
"Oh, but do remember to wipe off
all the sweat."
"If you let it cool too long,
you might catch cold."
"Tomorrow is finally the
"I'm going to study and study so
I won't get a single question
"The day of the @カレンダー0@ is
"I made sure I trained as hard as
I could for this. Victory will be
What's wrong?
"I'm not sure I agree with the
results. I thought I showed off
the best of my training..."
"I guess I still have a long way
to go."
"All is prepared for
tomorrow's @カレンダー0@."
"I won't lose even to you,
"On my pride as a butler, I
cannot let anyone take this
victory from me."
"Come on, Sebastian! Alfred! We must
"Um, I'm not sure I see the
connection between butlers
and a @カレンダー0@."
"Even if I didn't win, I still
think my pets are the cutest."
"I-I'm not sore about it at all.
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"Please try not to get so caught
up in fishing that you fall in,
"All right, it is time to fish
for the win!"
HIYAAAAH!'s gone?
I thought I'd caught something.
"I tried as hard as I could. I
guess fishing is harder than I
had anticipated."
"At this rate, it will be a long
time before I can get rid of my
""novice"" title."
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"You have to stay outside all day,
so be careful you don't collapse!"
Goodness, it is hot today!
"Even the fish must be having
problems with this heat."
"You know, I hooked the biggest
fish just a minute ago."
"Unfortunately it was so big I
couldn't reel it in."
"It felt like I was fighting the
earth itself!"
"If only I could have won that
"Truly, there is nothing so large
as the one you let get away."
Ah, the @カレンダー0@.
"Hrm...I wonder if the key to
victory is understanding a
squid's feelings."
"Even after I went to bed last
night, I thought about squid."
"I couldn't even sleep. I'm so
very tired now..."
"Fishing can certainly make one
sleepy at times, can't it?"
"No...! If I allow myself to fall
asleep, victory will slip from
my grasp! I must stay awake!"
"I was so busy trying to stay
awake that I didn't catch a
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"We will be outside all day, so
please be sure to dress warmly."
Brrr! It's nippy out here.
"I wonder if even the fish are
feeling the cold today."
"I wonder if even the fish are
feeling the cold today."
"This is something an expert
butler should surely know,
don't you think?"
Can fish even feel cold?
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"Everyone will show off the
vegetables they've grown."
"I think I feel a little self-
conscious already."
Hello! My name is Vishnal!
Oh! @しゅじんこうくん@.
I'm sorry if I startled you.
"I am practicing for my showcase
"I thought I'd gotten it just
right that time, but I guess
"Perhaps I haven't trained hard
enough just yet."
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
I can hardly wait!
"I'm having fun simply listening
to everyone's presentations."
"They are all so's
quite amusing!"
That was a lot of fun!
"I can hardly wait until the next
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"I've been waiting for it for an
entire month!"
Victory will be mine!
"A! E! I! O! U! A! E! I! O! U!
"There! My voice should be
perfectly warmed up now."
"Urf...I've talked so much I'm
starting to lose my voice."
"Tomorrow is this year's last
Who will be the final winner?
"Heh heh. To be honest, I have
been secretly raising the
perfect vegetable!"
"The last victory of the year is
practically mine already!"
Drat! I didn't win.
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"I have been waiting for this
ever since the weather began
"Be certain you stretch properly
before getting in the water."
"An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure, you know!"
"There is only one more day left
to this year."
"I've got so many things I have
yet to do."
"But I will not let that get me
down. I'm going to keep trying
until the very last day!"
"I'm going to train even harder next
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"I wonder...where do fireflies
come from?"
If you don't mind...
"Would you like to go firefly-
gazing with me?"
"Goodness, I was so nervous. I
was certain you were going to
say no."
"But you didn't. Oh, I'm so
"I get to spend an evening with
"P-please! You're embarrassing
Oh, I'm sorry!
I see.
"I shall resign myself to a
lonely evening, then."
"We have a little bit of time
before nightfall."
"I wonder where the fireflies
are hiding."
"My! I'm not sure which firefly
to begin watching first."
Urf...I think I'm getting dizzy.
Oh, how pretty!
"I wonder if I can sparkle just
as brightly as they do once
I've become an elite butler."
"Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@,
you know. Why don't we go and
watch together?"
Sure, why not?
"I'm honored to have the chance
to watch fireflies together
with you."
"I'm sure this will be a
beautifully memorable occasion
for us both!"
I can hardly wait!
"The fireflies were lovely,
weren't they?"
"I will remember this evening for
the rest of my life! ♪"
Heh heh heh...
What's that silly grin for?
"I-it is not a silly grin! I am
not grinning!"
It's nothing. Nothing at all.
Calm down already.
Hmm? Is this for me?
I'm honored!
"I don't think I did a very good
job with it, so it might not be
all that tasty..."
"Oh, I'm certain it will be


What, you're going to eat it now?
Of course!
"Mmm! Just as I thought, it's
Oh, good! I'm glad.
"And here I thought I had received
the last of the year from Mr.
"But you were kind enough to save
some for me too. I'm very happy!"
Oh! For me as well?
Thank you!
"I will save it for my after-
dinner dessert!"
Mmm! It was delicious!
"There is something about home-
cooked food that just tastes
"I've made a whole lot of sweets
for tomorrow."
"There will be some for you,
of course, @しゅじんこうくん@!"
"Now who did I ask to pass them
"I knew I should have written that
Is this for me?
Mmm, it looks delicious!
Thank you!
Thank you!
"I don't think it odd for one man
to give sweets as a present to
"After all, sweets are meant to be
shared with everyone!"
"So thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
I'm honored you thought to give
me some."
"This is your portion,
A @アイテム0@!
I-I-I made it for you!
Please accept it!
Thank you!
Ugh, no thanks.
You accepted it!
I'm just kidding.
It was just a joke?
Oh, thank goodness...!
Thank you for the @アイテム0@.
"No, I'm honored you chose to
accept it."
Thank you.
So, erm...
I-if it is possible...
"Would you be able to spare a
moment to spend with me tomorrow?"
I see...
No, no. Don't worry about it.
"I always have sweets ready for
anyone who wants some."
"Well then, please come to
@マップ1@ tomorrow at
@0@ hundred hours."
I will be waiting for you.
"You have something you want to
give me?"
You may have already guessed...
"But I have made some @アイテム0@
for you."
"I would love it if you would
accept it."
Accept it.
Tease him.
Of course I'll take it.
"I'm always happy to accept
anything you make for me,
"Now, erm, I can't say that it's
perfectly made, mind you..."
"But I'm very confident that I
did at least a half-decent job
with it!"
"I hope you enjoy every last
"But if you don't like it, I will
gladly make another, better one."
You don't have to go that far.
"Even if it doesn't taste as good
as it could, I'm still happy that
you made it for me."
Thank you!
Hmm...I'm not sure.
No...I cannot give up now!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, I made
this especially for you!"
"I practiced over and over and
over again just to be sure I
made it perfectly for you!"
"If you don't want it, you can
just throw it away."
All I ask is that you accept it!
"...Oops, I think I might've
overdone it."
I'm just kidding, @ビシュナル@.
"I felt like teasing you a little,
that's all. I'm sorry."
"I'm always happy to get presents
from you, @ビシュナル@."
"I was so certain you hated me,
...*SNIFFLE*...Will you take it?
Yes! Of course!
I'd love to!
Oh, thank goodness...
Thanks. I mean it.
You're welcome!
"I have something I want to give
"Will you come to @マップ1@
Something for me?
Tomorrow? Hmm...
Yes, I should have lots of time!
"Great! I'll see you at @マップ1@
at @0@ hundred hours, then."
"I will be there not one second
Perfect! It's a date.
What may I do for you?
Oh my! This...this...
For me?
For you.
May I really have it?
Yes, you really may.
"I...I never expected something
like this."
Thank you.
"I am flattered by your kind
thoughtfulness, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Well? How was my @アイテム0@?
"Personally, I think I made it
nearly almost semi-perfectly!"
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"Oh, what a romantic day, when
wishes made upon the starry sky
come true!"
"Would you like to come with me
and make a wish on the stars
"I can't wait to enjoy the stars
together with you."
...I see.
Well, that's unfortunate.
Hmm...What should I wish for?
"I know! I'll wish to become an
elite butler!"
"Do you think my wish will be
granted by the stars tomorrow?"
"The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow,
so let us go and enjoy the lovely
starry sky together."
Yeah, let's do it.
Of course! ♪
Yes, let's!
"I hope both our wishes will be
"The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow.
Have you finished preparing?"
Of course!
Not yet.
What about you, @ビシュナル@?
"You sound very excited for it.
Let's both give it our best!"
Are you sure you shouldn't start?"
My, don't you sound confident!
"I am completely prepared, of
course. Let's both give it our
very best!"
"Oh dear...I always get so nervous
"Everyone did such excellent work
this year! I'm going to have to
try even harder next time."
The @カレンダー0@ is tomorrow...
What's wrong?
"Erm, I'm not particularly good
at cooking."
"But I shouldn't give up before I
even start, should I?"
I have to try as hard as I can!
All right!
"I'm going to give it my very
"Erm,'s mostly well
...I think.
Are you okay?
Stand back a little.
Stay close.
Hold still.
Let's split up here.
General Store
Flower Shop
My Room
Call to the Castle.
Let's go on an adventure!
Let's go on a date.
I love you!
It's nothing.
"Hmm...they look mad right now.
I should leave them be."
I really love you!
Just kidding.
By the way...
Hey, um...
"Hmm... I was meeting someone
at @0@ hundred hours in
@マップ0@, right?"
"Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
Maybe I can ask someone out
on a special date."
" what I'd love to say,
but I already promised to meet
someone, so I can't."
"We may be married, but we can
still enjoy ourselves by going
on dates."
I don't have a Double Bed yet."
Now isn't the time for that.
I wonder what that is?
"If I want to propose to someone,
I should probably figure this out
"I think @ビシュナル@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @クローリカ@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @フォルテ@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @キール@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @マーガレット@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @ディラス@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @アーサー@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @シャオパイ@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @コハク@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @ダグ@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @ドルチェ@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
"I think @レオン@ is dealing
with a really big problem right
A little more!
Don't sell.
"I have lots of handy items for
sale! Please come have a look!"
Welcome! ♪
Please take your time. ♪
"They look like they're having
trouble deciding. What should
I do?"
Talk up the item.
Sell with a smile.
Lower the price.
Be enthusiastic.
Recommend it.
Put it on sale.
Praise their choice.
Wait patiently.
"I'm sorry, I don't think I can
accept that price."
Please come again.
"Yay! I sold @0@ @アイテム0@
for @1@ Gold!"
Thank you very much!
Please come again!
Thank you for shopping here!
"That was the last of my items.
Everything's been sold."
"Oops! There was nothing
to sell in the Shop Box."
"I should re-open after I put
items I want to sell into it."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Sell
With a Smile!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price.
I'd better watch my RP, though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone up!
I've learned the skill ""A Little More!"""
"It might not work, but I can try
selling this at a higher price."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Lower
the Price!"""
"If I lower the price, there's a
better chance I'll sell it. I'd
better watch my RP though."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to
""Recommend It!"""
"There's a good chance it'll fail,
but I could sell it for a really
high price. Better watch my RP."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Put It
On Sale!"""
"The price will go way down, but
the chance I'll sell it will go
way up. Better watch my RP!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Be
"It will cost +a lot+ of RP, but
the item will sell for sure!"
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Talk Up
the Item!"""
"It will cost +a little+ RP, but
the chance I'll sell it will
go up a little."
"Yay! My Shop Skill level has gone
up! I've learned how to ""Praise
Their Choice!"""
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one, too. Better watch my RP!"
"I should try using this skill
when the customer is thinking
hard about whether to buy or not."
"By using +a little+ RP, I can
slightly raise the chance the
item will sell."
"It might not work, but I can try
to sell this at a higher price.
It'll use +a little+ RP."
"If I lower the price a little,
there's a better chance the item
will sell. It'll use +some+ RP."
"This will use +a lot+ of RP,
but the item will sell for sure."
"I could try for a high price, but
there's a high chance it'll fail.
It'll use +a bunch+ of RP."
"Dropping the price way down will
greatly raise the chance it'll
sell. It'll use +a lot+ of RP."
"If they buy this item, maybe they
will think about buying another
one. It'll use +a little+ RP."
"Maybe it's better if I don't do
anything. I'll wait for them to
decide on their own."

  • SMILE*
  • GRIN*

I highly recommend this!
I'll lower the price for you!
That item is on sale today!
"This is an excellent item!
You won't find a better one
anywhere else."
"This is a great item! It has
X and Y special qualities! ♪"
I'm so happy you came today!
That is an excellent choice!
You look wonderful today!
Please, take your time. ♪
I'm sorry.
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Chemistry Set for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Cooking Tools for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Crafting Table for this. "
"Yay! I learned the recipe for
I'll need my Forge for this. "
A boy.
A girl.
Wh-what's wrong?!
"Oh no! We need to go see @ジョーンズ@
right away!"
Ow...I-I hurt all of a sudden...
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
"I hope the baby will be born
M-my belly hurts...
Oh no...!
@しゅじんこうくん@, don't tell me... hurts...!
"@しゅじんこうくん@, we should go
to the clinic right away!"
I'm sorry.
"Tomorrow is a festival where you
give @アイテム0@ to members of
the opposite gender."
"It's okay to give some to
anyone, really..."
"But it is a festival, after all.
Why not call a special someone to
the castle and present it there?"
"Hmm...I already have a date, so
why don't I hand it over when
we meet up?"
"Hey. What's the whole point of
this bean-throwing thing, anyway?"
Ooh! I'd like to know that too!
"Hmm...I think it was originally a
festival from a kingdom far to
the east."
"Yes. In that country's customs,
throwing the beans drove off
demons and illnesses."
"It also counted as a wish
for health and long life, if
I remember correctly."
"Hmm, so that's what it's all
"I see. So throwing these beans
at Doug should drive him away.
"I bet I could send you scampering
if I threw them at you!"
Wow, that's neat! But...
But what, Kiel?
"Why do we throw +Failed Dishes+
in our festival?"
"I'm sure that must be our wish
to drive off +failure+."
"Oh, that makes sense! You sure
know a lot, Leon!"
He totally made that one up.
"I've heard the ladies are
considering going on diets."
They are?
"Ugh, again? They're always on
about that at this time of year."
"They freak out about that stuff
too much if you ask me."
"Besides, they're way cuter if
they have a little bit of chub
to them."
To each his own, I would think.
"However, it is a delicate topic
with the ladies. I would broach
it very carefully."
Good point.
"For example, don't tell Margaret
""you've gained weight,"" even just
in passing."
"And never follow it up with ""you
could never stick to a diet,""
"It sounds like you have some
very...specific experience,
"To tease knowingly is one thing,
but to say it unknowingly with a
straight face is simply foolish."
"Whatever happens, Kiel, do not
grow into a man like him.
What are you pointing at me for?!
Right. I won't.
Don't listen to him! I'm awesome!
"I wonder where they found that
enormous Wooly."
"It is rather cute and fluffy, if
I do say so myself."
Perhaps it's a mutant strain.
It is adorably huge.
"Eesh. Big is one thing, but that
Wooly is way too big for its own
"The bigger they are, the fluffier
and cuter they look, right?"
I agree wholeheartedly.
"It's gigantic! Are you sure
that's even a Wooly?"
It is, without a doubt, a Wooly.
Hmm. All right, then.
"Who the heck found that thing,
and how did they get it here?"
That is an excellent question.
Isn't it simply the cutest?
"It takes a lot of training to
hit the target right where
you aim, doesn't it?"
Yeah. It's pretty hard.
"Whatever, just keep throwing and
something'll hit eventually."
"I think it's far more effective
to calculate your trajectory
before throwing."
Hah! Who's gonna do that?
"What formula do you use for
your calculations?"
"Wha?! You're really gonna try
that crap?!"
"I find it easier to hit if I
see Doug as the target."
Aah, now that makes sense...
...WAIT, no it doesn't!!
Brr! It's freezing out here!
Aren't you guys cold at all?
Of course we are!
I'm not cold at all.
"Seriously? No fair! What, are
you a snowman's kid or something?"
You just lack fortitude.
"Well YOU'RE the one who lacks
"What was that, you pebble-brained
"I said you're a brainless,
swayback na--ACHOO!!"
"Well, there's no helping the
cold. How about some exercise
to warm up?"
"Yeah, that's a great idea,
Arthur. C'mon!"
"Oh, I meant for you. I'm not
particularly cold myself."
"L-Leon! You're cold too, right?
I mean, it's freezing out here!"
"You must be joking. This hardly
qualifies as ""cold."" ...ACHOO!"
"Erm, perhaps I will take a
little exercise after all."
"Kiel, you and Arthur are really good
with quizzes."
"Hee, I try! Does my propensity for
trivia shine out through my retinas?"
"There is an element of luck to
it, though."
"Well I couldn't get a single one
of 'em. I think next time I'll just
go with whatever you guys pick."
Smart idea.
I know, right?
"You can't do that. This contest is a
test to overcome your own personal
strengths. "
"I will just abide by the answers that
@しゅじんこうくん@ chooses."
"So you had best get them all correct
next year. "
"Ugh, fishing is so boooring! I
get bored just thinking about it."
That's what makes it so relaxing.
...Huh? I don't get it.
"I'd like to come up with an
efficient way to use the time as
we wait for the fish to bite."
"I ain't working, if that's what
you're saying."
"But isn't it so much fun when you
do catch a fish? Even if hooking
one can be rather hard."
"Yeah, catching one is fun! But
I'm not really good at making
sashimi and stuff..."
How about I teach you, then?
Oh, will you? Thanks Leon!
"In return, you can cook whatever
fish I catch. Deal?"
Yeah, that sounds great! ♪
"Vishnal, would you care to join
Please! I would be honored!
And the rest of you?
Nah, I'll pass.
"I have work I must be doing,
I'm afraid."
"Ah. Well then, the rest of us
will be off."
"Hunting down a good spot is such
a pain. Hey Dylas! Tell me where
to find a good fishing hole!"
"Sure. First, leave town by the
south gate. Second, never come
Ouch! That's mean, man. Mean!
"My. That is a lovely fishing
rod you have there, Dylas."
"Thanks. Bado did some touch-ups
on it for me. He's got good
skill with weapons and forging."
But nothing else.
"You look pretty serious over
"Whew! I finally managed to bait
the hook."
"I could have helped you if you'd
said something."
As could I.
"If you need help, just say so.
I'd be happy to assist."
"Thanks guys! But I think I can
manage by myself."
"Hey, guys, baiting this hook is a
pain in the ass. Help me out."
Is it, now?
Good luck.
Think of it as training!
Hey! How come I get ignored?!
"It looks like everyone will be
having squid for dinner tonight."
"Margaret is going to complain all
night long."
Ha ha! That she will.
"All right, time to go catch us
some supper!"
Yes. I think I may join you.
As will I.
I'll come along, too! ♪
Why don't we all go?
"Dylas, don't just stand there.
Come with us!"
What, I have to go too?
Ah, well...
"Ooh, look everyone! I see lots of
fish over there!"
Let's head that way, then.
Hey! Don't leave me behind!
Come on. Enough dilly-dallying.
"Now, I understand having a
contest to see who's got the
best vegetables..."
"But why do we gotta go through
this whole showcasing deal?"
"I would think it's to show
everyone all the best points
of your entry."
"Yeah. After all the hard work you
do raising it, you wanna show it
all off, you know?"
"That is the most enjoyable part
to me. It's like an appraisal
to ascertain its true value."
Like a what?
"An appraisal, huh? That's very
like you, Arthur."
"I kinda like all that presenting
stuff, actually. It's fun!"
I don't care for it, personally.
"Well, you are terrible at public
speaking, after all."
Urk... Sh-shut up!
"Eesh, today's a hot one! Do we
gotta have a festival today?"
I think it's lovely weather.
"If we get too sweaty, we can
just go relax in the bath to
wash off."
"True. A good soak after a long
day's work is very relaxing."
"Yes. And the monster statues
are adorable to look at."
They are...?
"Baths, eh? Yeah, they're great
after a long day. I wonder what
fragrance they're using today."
My, my! What's wrong?
Margaret is being...irritating.
"Did you do something to upset
her again?"
"This is partly your fault, you
"Hey! I was just taking a nap,
okay? It was Xiao Pai who smacked
me awake!"
"You were asleep on the job again,
I take it?"
GAH!! How'd you guess?
It isn't that difficult...
"Now that you mention it, Forte
was slightly miffed as well."
What did you do?
"I have no idea. I was simply
teaching Kiel something
useful. "
...Yeah, but about what?
Eesh. Women scare me sometimes.
I'm afraid I disagree.
You reap what you sow.
Yeah, and it's YOUR fault!
"If we've gotta go through all
these festivals, how about we
have one for napping?"
"What would anyone do in such a
"Kick back, relax and nap, that's
"That does sound relaxing...
though pointless."
Clorica would win every year.
"But as long as we're inventing
festivals, I'd like a bath
What would you do in that?
"See who could relax in the bath
the longest!"
"These hardly seem like proper
festivals at all."
"I'd happily take part in a Beat
Doug Senseless Festival."
"That's run at the same time as
the Beat Dylas Senseless
"How about a @しゅじんこうくん@
What would that be about?
"Hmm, good question. What would
you like for it to be about? ♪"
Hey, guys! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Have a great year!
Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year to you all.
Happy New Year.
Yeah. Happy New Year.
"That's okay. I don't need one
from you."
"Shaddap! I wasn't talking to
"There they go again, right from
the first day of the year."
"And so a little piece of the old
year carries over into the new.
Nothing wrong with that."
Ah! There you are, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"We are all going to attempt
+splitting watermelons+ together."
Come join us, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"What's so fun about destroying
"Oh-ho! So you admit you can't
beat me at it, eh?"
"Where's that melon?! I'll split
it six ways from winter!"
"Whoa, hold your horses!
I'm up first!"
"This sounds amusing. Let me join
"By the way, where is the
"Vishnal was supposed to bring a
few for us."
Here they are!
"Hey, hold it! Those are
I...I brought the wrong ones.
"Oh well. Let's make this all Doug's
"And something he planned, too.
That seems reasonable."
I'll buy that.
WHA?! HEY! Why me?!
"Here, everyone. Please help
yourselves to a warm drink."
Ooh, thanks, Vishnal! ♪
That's thoughtful of you.
Careful, Doug. It's hot.
...Wait, did I really just--?!
Here you go, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Arthur, here. Have some.
Hmm? What're you doing?
"I am re-confirming my schedule
for next year."
You're working? Seriously? C'mon!
"Goodness, that looks like a very
full schedule."
"It's a holiday. You should take a
"But y'know, I think if he tried
to take a break, he might just
You might just be right, Kiel!
"Well, Arthur is quite the
"Man, it's New Year's Eve! Can't
you lay off the work for one day?"
"Vishnal's too nice to nag you
about it, but he made some good
stuff. You oughta try it."
Who are you calling a nag?!
"N-no, no! It's all right, Arthur.
I wouldn't want to bother you."
"You have a point, Doug. I think
I'll take today off."
You will?
"Oh my gosh! Arthur's taking a
Are you sure you're not sick?
No, I'm not.
May I have a cup too, Vishnal?
Of course!
I wonder why fireflies glow.
"The book I read said it's to
protect themselves from
It's also to attract a mate.
"So they do it because they wanna
stand out, then?"
"Just like some empty-headed
shrimps I could name."
"Strange, I don't know any of
those, 'Mr. Horsie'. "
What did you just say?!
Bring it, gelding! I'm ready!
"A gentle glow to call a mate, eh?
That has a touch of romance to
Perhaps I should glow a little.
Ooh! You can glow, Leon?
"Of course. Would you like me to
show you how?"
"Uh, guys? Leon is messing with
Kiel again."
"I wonder who's going to give how
much to whom."
"You sound like you're having fun,
Huh? N-no, not really!
"Hey, why don't we try to guess
which of us is gonna get the
Amongst us?
Hmm...In that case...
"I would expect it to be Arthur.
He has quite a few contacts."
"But none very well-versed in
this town's unique events."
"Personally, I think it may be
Me too!
Maybe it will be Kiel.
Huh? Me?
"All we can say for sure is that
Doug will get none."
Right back at you.
"What do you think,
What? Me?!
"Um...eheh heh...I shall try my
best to live up to expectations!"
"See! @しゅじんこうくん@ agrees
with me!"
"I'm not so sure. I don't see why
it would be me."
"But thanks, @しゅじんこうくん@,
Vishnal. I'm flattered."
"I'm unsure I will be able to live
up to such lofty expectations."
"But I'm flattered you think so
highly of me. Thank you."
Me? Ha ha! Knew it!
@しゅじんこうくん@, you can't be serious.
Oh, don't get jealous now.
Who's jealous?!
"This just goes to show you that
@しゅじんこうくん@ knows what's
"Well, I'm happy you think so,
at least."
You're joking!"
"Maybe, but that doesn't mean I'm
not going to pound you, Doug."
Hmm? Me?
Well, if you really think so...
"But in the end, it's not the
quantity, it's the quality."
So who did you guys give some to?
"I sent some to Mr. Volkanon and
I gave some to my sister.
I presented one to Porcoline.
Though I was the one who made it.
"And I am very grateful for your
efforts. Thank you."
"Hmm. To be honest, I have not yet
decided to whom I should present."
Hmph. Well, that's boring.
"What about you, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Are you going to give out any?"
"Oooh, who to? Who's the lucky
"That is not the easiest question
to answer in front of everyone,
"But you can tell me. I'll keep
it secret to my dying day."
"Not fair, Arthur! I want to know
"Yeah! It's not right to keep it
a secret, @しゅじんこうくん@.
You should tell all of us."
No? Hmm...
I doubt that.
"Oh? Are you simply hiding it
from us, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
You sneaky little player!
"Enough beating around the bush.
Out with it."
Yeah. I wanna know, too! ♪
"Hey, have you all heard the
legend behind today's festival?"
"If you wish upon the highest star
in the sky, your wish will come
true. That's"
"Yeah. But there was something
else to it, too. I just can't
remember what."
"Oh, I know! If two people make
a wish together, they will be
bound for eternity."
"Doug, stay far away from me when
you make your wish. About a
million miles or so."
"Oh yeah? Well you stand a billion
miles away from me! You got it?!"
"So if two men were to make a wish
together, they would be friends
"Eesh! This festival is way more
dangerous than I'd thought!"
Well, I think it's romantic.
"Man, I'm no good at cooking at
"I am not particularly good at it
"Any skill will get better with
"If you think about the people
you're cooking for, you'll get
it right in no time! ♪"
" you think that someday
even I'll be able to cook like
Sure! I know you will!
So you wanna get all fat, then?!
You shut up!
"I'd love to try Kiel's cooking
one day."
As would I.
"Well, stop on by sometime.
I don't mind. Do you have
any specific requests?"
Anything with rice!
No. Something with carrots.
"Well, since you asked, I would
I would not be averse to---
"Oh, and besides that, could you
make some---"
"Um, okay. So I guess I'll start
with a rice base, add some of
this and that, then maybe..."
"Y'know, since everyone is coming,
I should just ask my sister to
help out!"
Maybe you shouldn't.
"Ugh. Crafting stuff is such a
"Anything resembling work is a
pain to you."
...You've got a point, I guess."
"Interesting. We often hear about
how dwarves are particularly
skilled at forging."
"I'm just no good at all that
little fiddly stuff."
"I'm not really good at forging
stuff either."
"If forging is not to your taste,
have you tried hand-crafting?
I mean accessories and the like."
"Accessories? I might be able to
make some of those."
"Ugh, even worse! All those teeny
tiny little bits and pieces!"
"What kind of monsters does
everyone like?"
"I like big, fluffy, roly-poly
"Those are nice. I prefer small
ones. Large ones with pleasant
temperaments aren't bad, though."
"Well, I like the big and strong
"Oh, and ""ducks,"" too! Because
our names sound almost alike."
...And you're just as stupid.
What was that?!
What about you, Leon?
"I'm partial to ""Golems,""
"What, so you like the old and
moldy stuff?"
"No, he likes that they're big
and tough, I bet."
"Actually, what I like about them
is that they are utterly
subservient to my will. ♪"
"What kind of monsters do you
like, @しゅじんこうくん@?"
Cute ones.
Cool ones.
Strong ones.
"I agree! The adorable ones are
decidedly the best."
"Ooh, I think so too! The cool
ones are the best."
"Right? Right! There ain't no
beating the strong ones!"
"Don't fall asleep in the water,
"Oh, don't worry. Even I wouldn't
fall asleep like this..."
...I think.
"It feels strange wearing my
swimsuit somewhere other than
at the beach."
"Ummm...does this make me look
No, you look cute!
It looks great on you.
Thank you.
"Oh, good. I was worried it
wouldn't look right on me."
"Summer is going to be sooo
"I don't like the heat very much.
It makes it hard for me to sleep."
What about you, @しゅじんこうくん@?
Heat is evil. Eeeevil.
I don't mind the heat.
"Yes, it isn't very pleasant,
is it?"
I don't like hot weather at all!
You don't?
My, how odd!

La la laaah! ♪
You seem cheerful today.
Yes, because it's almost fall!
"Soon the sticky-hot nights will
end, and I'll be able to sleep

"Vishnal's +birthday+ is on
@キャラ0@ @0@."
"For his present, I made him some
"But this isn't ordinary
@アイテム0@. Oh, no no no!"
"Among these, I included a single
super-spicy hot one."
Why would you do that?
"Don't you think that will make it
more exciting to eat? I do."
"I'm confused. Everyone is giving
me presents today."
Did I do something good?
Um...isn't today your +birthday+?
Oh, that is today, isn't it?
"And here I thought it was next
week. Silly me!"
"Tomorrow is Mr. Volkanon's
"What does that have to do with
that huge pile of hankies there?"
"I'm going to give them to him
for his +present+, of course."
"Um, don't you think that's a
little too many?"
Oh, no. Not at all.
"Mr. Volkanon is always crying,
you see. "
"I'm worried even this many might
not be enough!"
"I've decided what I'm going to
get Meg for her +birthday+."
What did you pick?
"We went shopping the other day,
and she said she loved it."
"In fact, she hasn't stopped
talking about it since she saw
She must want it very much.
So what is it?
"Hmm...good question. What was it
again?" would I know?
"Oh, dear. Well, @キャラ0@ @0@
is her birthday."
"Please try not to buy the same
thing as me."
"Umm... It's hard to be sure of
that if I don't know what you
bought her!"
Oh, dear.
What's wrong?
"I want to buy some flowers as
a present to Amber. And I want
them before @キャラ0@ @0@."
What a wonderful idea!
But she works at the flower shop.
"If I try to buy them while she's
"Then she'll be able to guess what
I got for her +birthday present+
ahead of time."
I don't know what to do.
"Maybe I should ask Miss Ellie if
she has any good ideas..."
"Um, why don't you buy the flowers
when @エルミナータ@ is the one
minding the store?"
That might just work.
Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Tomorrow is Miss Ellie's
+birthday+! "
"Wow, you seem really excited
about that. You seem almost
"I am! You see, every year I wind
up giving Miss Ellie her present
the day after her birthday."
It mystifies me, too.
But this year it will work out.
"This year, I'll give her a
present on her actual +birthday+!"
Excuse me...?
Oh. Hello, um...?
"Oh, yes. That's right. Hello,
"I'll remember your name the
next time, I promise."
"So, welcome! I look forward to
serving you."
It's fun to go out! ♪
"...*YAAAWN*...I feel a little
Oh dear. I feel really sleepy.
Pardon me.
"Please invite me out again
anytime at all!"
Thank you for accompanying me.
"Oh dear. I have work to do, so
I should return now."
"@クローリカ@, do you want to
go out with me for a bit?"
"I'm sorry. I'm a little busy
right now."
"Of course. I would love to
accompany you."
"Oh dear. It doesn't look like
there's any room for me."
"Of course I'd like to go with
you. Where will we be going?"
"Would you like to accompany
me for a little while?"
"I would like to go along, but
it looks like I can't right now."
Why don't you ask again later?
Thank you. Shall we be going?
I'm honored to join you.
Oh, that's too bad.
"I'm so surprised, I hardly know
what to do."
"May I please have some time to
"Come to @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours tomorrow."
I'll give you an answer then.
...Until then, I suppose!
"I will give you my answer
tomorrow, I promise."
"Come to @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours."
"I will give you my answer later
today, I promise."
"Come to @マップ0@ at
@0@ hundred hours."
Can I hear your answer?
Yesterday was...a big surprise.
Thank you.
I was so flattered you'd ask me.
"I...I guess I still can't believe
it's really true."
Do you really mean what you said?
Yes, I do.
No, it was all a joke.
"You do know I'm...not normal,
right? I spend all day in a daze,
not really, I guess."
"I just know that, someday, I'll
sleep right through an important
"I don't mean to do it, but it
still happens all the time."
"And it makes me so sad when I
realize I did it again."
"And I know it'll make you sad
too, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"If you really want me to be your
"Then you'll have to put up with
that kind of thing all the time."
"And I...I don't want to be that
much of a pest for anyone..."
You aren't a pest!
Oh, I see...
"I don't think you're a pest at
"In fact, I want you to do those
I can handle it!
"I love all of you, @クローリカ@,
even those parts. Especially
those parts!"
"I can cause a whole lot of
trouble, even without meaning it."
Bring it on.
But still...
Do you love me?
...Okay. I'll give up.
Do you?
Because I love you, @クローリカ@.
I do.
I love you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Are you certain you won't regret
Never ever.
"@クローリカ@, will you go out
with me?"
I'd love to.
I'm sorry.
"Well, um, I guess I'm your
girlfriend now."
"What would you like me to call
Just like always is fine.
Are you sure?
"Okay then. I'll call you
@しゅじんこうくん@, just like always."
"I, um, I think that might be a
little too...forward, don't you?"
Well, if that's what you want...
Ooh, I like that one!
@しゅじんこうくん@! ♪
"Hee hee! I like how mature that
sounds when I add ""Mr."" to the
front. ♪"
"So you want me to dote on
you, then?"
"Oh, all right. You're such a
fussy one, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"Um, isn't it a bit...soon for
"W-we did just start dating, after
Are you, um...sure?
"You really want me to call you
No, on second thought...
Well, I guess...if you insist...
"I'll call you @しゅじんこうくん@,
It is way too soon for that!
"Okay, what do you want to call
Just like always is fine.
You want to keep it the same?
Well, if you insist...
"Um...isn't that a little
But, if that's what you want...
I think I'm okay with it.
"Really? Isn't that a little too
Oh? I don't think so, @クローリカ@.
"Well, if you insist, I guess I'm
okay with it."
Oh, that sounds so cute!
But are you sure it fits me?
"Yeah! I think it fits you
perfectly, @クローリカ@!"
Ooh, a new name!
I like it.
"I think that's really cute! But
are you sure you want to use it?"
Well, then please do! ♪
"@しゅじんこうくん@? Thank you.
I look forward to our time
I do too, @クローリカ@.
I love you too!
"And I love Vishnal, and I love
Mr. Volkanon."
I love everybody!
Um...That's not what I meant.
I like you a lot, too! ♪
"Oh dear! You already have a lucky
wife. You shouldn't say such
I'll tell her on you!
I love you, too. ♪
"We both love each other. Isn't
that wonderful?"
Oh, my...
"I've come to fulfill my side of
the promise."
Will you give me your answer?
"Now I can finally give to you the
answer you've been so anxiously
I'm so happy...!
"I've been dreaming of this day,
ever since you asked me out."
Today isn't a dream, is it?
"You aren't going to vanish when
I open my eyes, are you?"
I'm so happy!
Please, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Let me stay by your side.
I love you!
"Please, let me dream this dream
and never have to wake up."
@しゅじんこうくん@! ♪
I'm sorry. I can't accept this.
"Oh, so that's where the ring's
"Oh, dear. I'm sorry, but I'm not
a garbage bin."
"My duties don't include disposing
of trash."
"Oh, a present for Mr. Volkanon?
I'll keep it in a safe place
for you."
"Um, no. It's supposed to be a
present for you."
"Oh, dear. I'm sorry, but I don't
like @アイテム9@ at all."
"But if there were grapes that
didn't have seeds or that thick,
tough skin, I might like them."
Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for the @アイテム9@.
"For me? Oh my! Such an expensive
crystal. And so pretty! Thank you
very much!"
Oh, is this for me?
Thank you so much! ♪

Sweets are so very yummy.
"They make me forget I was ever
tired and give me back my

Ooh, I like these. Thank you!

Thank you!
You're welcome.
"Mmm! Eating yummy things is so
nice, I just forget all about
whatever else I'm supposed to do!"

Ooh, thank you! I love these!
Oh! May I...partake?
Of course!
Thank you!
Thank you! I like these a lot!
Is this for me? Thank you!
"Ooh, may I really have something
this rare? Thank you! ♪"
...? Um, thank you.
...*MUNCH* *MUNCH*...
"Mmm...My mind feels a little
foggy now..."
"Yes, it may be my +birthday+
"But I would rather not count as
many @アイテム9@ as I have
Thank you.
Oh, a +birthday+ present for me?
Thank you! ♪
"It's always nice to get things I
like, but it's even nicer to get
them on my +birthday+."
"I've always thought @アイテム9@
was yummy..."
"But having some on my +birthday+
makes it 5 times yummier!"
Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Thank you! ♪
"Oh, it's so nice to get something
this rare as a +birthday+
"And it looks handmade, too!
Thank you! ♪"
This looks handmade!
"You always do such amazing
things, @しゅじんこうくん@."
And it looks handmade, too!
"Ooh, then it will taste 13 times
"Oh, this is handmade. Thank
you! It must have been hard work."
Oooh! ♪
Thank you!
"Oh, did you make this by hand,
@しゅじんこうくん@? Thank you."
"You can do all sorts of amazing
And handmade, too!!
"Yaaay! That's so nice! I'm
touched, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Here. Please have some.
Thank you.
"You're welcome. I thought I'd
give you something in return for
all that you've given me."
"You're welcome. I thought I'd
make something for you in return."
"Here. This isn't much, but please
have some, if you'd like."
"Today is a special day for us,
isn't it?"
Did something happen today?
"Don't tell me you forgot what
today is."
@クローリカ@, today is--
"Oooh, now I remember! Today is
our +anniversary+!"
Yes, it is. Good job.
"Our +anniversary+ and you
forgot it...!"
"Nnng...anniversaries are very
important things, yes..."
"But every day I get to spend with
you is so wonderfully happy that
it makes them ALL special."
"To me, that makes every day our
"So I guess my memory was a little
fuzzy about which exact day was
the official one."
"I'm still forgetful and clumsy
and a little spacey..."
"But I hope for many more years
to come just like this one.
With you."
I do too, @クローリカ@.
@しゅじんこうくん@, I love you. ♪
"You do have the right to spend
time with whomever you choose."
"But please remember where
you stand, and the commitments
you've made."
"I will not say what this is in
regards to, because I think it
goes without saying."
"Please think upon what you have
done, and what you should be
Am I clear?
Happy Birthday, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Here, I have a present for you.
I made it just for today.
"Are you okay? You look a little
"Here, this is medicine that I use
every day. Try some, if you'd
"Maybe you should go and see Dr.
Today's lunch is @アイテム0@!
"I made @アイテム0@ for lunch
today. Don't forget to take it
with you! ♪"
"Here. I made @アイテム0@ for
your lunch. Don't forget to eat
it all, okay?"
"Here's your lunch. I made
@アイテム0@ just for you."
"I made some @アイテム0@.
Please feel free to have some
if you're feeling hungry."
"Today's lunch is my favorite:
@アイテム0@! ♪"
"It's really yummy, so eat every
last bite, okay?"
"Have a good day, now. Work hard
and try not to fall asleep, okay?"
Oh...have a good day.
"Have a good day! Try not to get
hurt, okay?"
Have a good day, now!
I hope you come home early today.
"Well, it looks like you're
sleeping well, @しゅじんこうくん@."
"""Sleep brings up a child well,""
and all. Everyone should get
proper rest in a bed every night."
"Oh, I was just thinking that you
sleep very well."
"You can tell just by looking at
"Nnng...sort of. It's hard to
"But when I look at you, I can
just tell that you sleep more
than I do."
@しゅじんこうくん@, you're amazing!
Huh? What's amazing?
"Oh, there's no need to be so
humble. I can see right through
"With your Sleep Skill at that
high a level, you could sleep
standing up if you wanted to!"
I think I'm jealous.
"You already sleep standing up
every day, @クローリカ@..."
"Oh my goodness! What an amazing
Sleep Skill!"
"With that much sleep, your body
should be really healthy and
No one can match you now.
Here, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Would you like for me to teach
you how to fall asleep quickly?"
"First, you breathe deeply and
quietly, then..."
My Sleep Skill level went up!
"This isn't a very impressive
But I hope you like it.
"@しゅじんこうくん@? We're...
"We're husband and wife now,
I think I'd
O-oh goodness! What am I saying?
I'm so embarrassed...
I'd like it to be just us.
Maybe someday, but not just yet.
I think I'd like children too.
"Oh, wonderful! We both agree,
Well, I guess so.
"We can enjoy our newlywed life,
just the two of us, for a little
bit longer, then."
"It will be a lot harder to find
that kind of time once we have
a child to raise."
I feel like I'm dreaming...!
"I can hardly believe I'm going
to have our baby, @しゅじんこうくん@."
Are you feeling okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
That's good.
"Don't worry. I'll keep both of
you safe, no matter what."
Tee hee! Thank you.
I know you will. You always have.
And I always will.
"Which would you rather have,
@しゅじんこうくん@? A boy or
a girl?"
You'd prefer a boy?
"Hee hee! I bet he will grow up to
be just as rambunctious as you
Me? "Rambunctious?"
Yes, just like a little boy!
"Soon I will have two children to
look after."
You'd prefer a girl?
"Ooh, I can't wait to go shopping
with her."
"I'll pick out all the cutest
dresses and we'll play all day."
Yes, that's true.
"Boy or girl won't matter. Either
will be our precious child."
"And with the two of us together,
we can give him or her the best
family ever."
Right, Papa? ♪
Oh, that's right!
Come up with a good name, okay?
Today is @子供ちゃん@'s +birthday+!
"Let's throw a wonderful party all
Oh, my. Selling @アイテム0@?
"How about @1@ Gold for
@0@ @アイテム0@?"
"Oh. Well how about @1@ Gold,
Oh, okay.
Thank you very much!
Nnng...I think I'll pass today.
Hmm...what should I do?
Do you have anything else?
What a wonderful shop. Thank you!
Good luck! ♪
I, um...
"I have something I want to tell
you but, um,'s a little
"I, um, I think I've been really,
really lucky to have met you,
"And I'm even luckier to have, um,
to have...grown to love you!"
"I-I'm so sorry to just blurt that
out at you!"
"But, um...I-I really wanted to
let you know."
"'s all! I have to
go now bye-bye!!"
Oh, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Mr. Volkanon has asked me to fix
"Wha?! @マップ0@? You can fix
"Mr. Volkanon told me all about
how to do it, so it should work
out just fine."
"Um, are you sure that's all it'll
"Won't you please come help me?
It won't take long at all! ♪"
Um, not right now.
Oh, good. Let's go.
"All right. Please let me know
when you'll have some time."
"@しゅじんこうくん@, you get along
with Vishnal really well."
"I wish I could fall in love like
you did someday."
"@しゅじんこうくん@, you get along
with your lover really well."
"It's so cute to see how lovey
dovey you two are."
Hello, how may I help you?
My name is Clorica, and I'm--
...oh, hello, @しゅじんこうくん@!
"It's been so very long, I almost
didn't recognize you."
"You haven't been by to talk with
me in a long time. Do you not
like me?"
Oh, my, I won!
"Hee hee! It's nice to have
everyone compliment me."
Happy New Year!
"Have you decided on a resolution
for this year?"
"I've resolved to nap at least two
more times per day."
Ooh, tomorrow is @カレンダー0@!
"It's a lot of fun, but there is a
whole big mess to clean up after."
It's the @カレンダー0@ today!
"If I must participate, then I'm
going to try as hard as I can!"
Ooh, that was lots of fun.
"Beans are so yummy. I wouldn't
mind doing this every day."
"I always have trouble with the
"My tummy feels full after only
a few bites."
"I've made sure not to eat all
day, so I should win for sure!"
Mmm...I'm so full!
"Even though I made sure to start
with an empty tummy, I still
couldn't eat that much."
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"I wish we could leave all that
fluffy wool on so that I could
pet it and sleep on it."
"Ooh, I'm so happy that I get to
see that fluffy-wuffy cute Wooly
again this year!"
"Oh, darn. I didn't get to take a
nap with it this year."
"Maybe next year we could have a
napping contest with the Wooly
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"It would be so much easier to aim
if the target would hold still."
"Oww...Yesterday I trained with
Vishnal, so now my arms huuurt..."
"Yay! I managed to hit the targets
more often than not."
Training can help a lot!
"Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@. Please
be careful and try not to catch a
Brr! It's so cold!
"I'm so chilly, it's making me...
"Ouch. I only let my attention
drift for a moment, and I was hit
by a turnip!"
No, I didn't fall asleep.
Honestly. I didn't.
Oooh, tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"Quizzes are lots of fun. I like
thinking about how maybe it's
this or maybe not that."
"I wonder how many I'll get right
Hmm...It's so strange.
"While I'm thinking about how to
answer, they always move on to
the next question."
"I'm going to win tomorrow's
"After all, my Kotaro and Minami
are the best and cutest of all."
"Come on, Kotaro! Minami! It's
time to go."
"Well, my Kotaro and Minami are
the cutest, at least."
"Next year, why don't we have a
contest for the cutest pet?"
I'm not very good at fishing.
"I've never managed to stay awake
from the beginning to the end of
this contest even once."
"First you go swiiish to toss the
line, and it goes plip! into the
water. Then you just sit, right?"
"Just sitting there and not dozing
off is very hard, you know."
"I'm going to go to sleep really
early for tomorrow's @カレンダー0@."
Mmm...I'm a little sleepy.
"I need to try hard not to doze
off while fishing."
Oh my, that was over quickly.
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"I wonder how much ink a squid can
produce before it runs out. I
haven't the faintest inkling..."
Um...never mind.
"I wonder if it's okay to fish for
all these squid. What if their
tentacles get all tangled up?"
"Fishing can be quite dangerous.
Sometimes it's less tenta-'cool'
and more tenta-'cruel.'"
...I'm sorry. Never mind.
"Fishing is more fun than I
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"Do you think it would be okay
to look for good fishing holes
ahead of time?"
"Did you find a good fishing
"Oh, darn. I didn't catch that
many fish this year."
I'll try harder next year.
I-I'm not asleep!
Where's the fish?
"Oh dear. I thought I had caught
I guess it was a dream.
Oh. Hello, @しゅじんこうくん@!
Oh my! I felt a tug!
This one is going to be big!
"...Oh darn. It's just a
"I wonder what I should do for the
Nnng...what should I do?
"Today was supposed to be a
showcase for the vegetables I
"But I forgot about that and just
showcased myself. Oopsie."

"Dinner after the @カレンダー0@
is always everyone's best veggies!"
"That means we can always look
forward to a really yummy dinner!"

"I won't let you win easily,

Hmm...what to make for dinner?
"Growing vegetables is really
"If you raise your veggie with
love and care, it will be a
winner for sure!"
"Everyone had really amazing
vegetables this year, didn't
"I'm thinking really hard on what
I'm going to do for my showcase
during the @カレンダー0@."
"If possible, I'd like to win at
least the last event of the year."
I'm going to give it my best!
"Oh dear. I spoke so loudly
during my showcase, my throat
is all sore."
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@!
I can hardly wait.
The water is so wonderfully cool!
"Hee hee! Everyone is playing like
This year will be ending soon.
"So many fun things happened, it
felt like it went by too fast."
"Thank you for everything you've
done for me this past year."
"I hope next year will be just as
wonderful as this year has been."
"Tomorrow everyone will go out at
night to watch the fireflies."
"It's so pretty, like a million
tiny gemstones scattered across
the sky..."
So, um...If you don't mind...
"Would you like to watch them with
Oh, wonderful! It's a date.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow.
Oh, I see. That's unfortunate.
"I guess I'll see if someone else
wants to watch them with me."
"I can hardly wait for this
"If I take a nap, will it be
evening even sooner?"
So many fireflies!
"There were lots of pretty
fireflies out!"
"It felt like I was in the middle
of a dream."
"I think I'll go to sleep to see
the rest of that dream."
"Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
Would you like to go together
with me?"
"I've been wanting to watch them
with you for a while."
Why not.
Oh, good! Let's go.
"Tee hee! I get to watch fireflies
with @しゅじんこうくん@!"
Hmm? Did you say something?
Oh! Um, n-no. It was nothing.
Ooh, what a memorable evening! ♪
"Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@,
the one holiday all girls wait
for every year."
" wouldn't happen to have
some free time tomorrow, would
If you wouldn't mind...
"Would you be able to spare a
little of that time for me
Oh, I see.
That's too bad.
Yay! ♪
What's up?
O-oh. Nothing, nothing at all.
"Please meet me at
@マップ1@ by @0@ hundred
hours, then."
"So, why did you want to meet with
me?" see...
"Oh, dear. This is so much more
difficult with you here right
in front of me..."
But, I have to have courage!
Okay, I can do this!
"I...I asked you to come here
today so I could give you this!"
For me?
It's very tasty! ...I think.
Thank you!
It looks really tasty.
Oh, wow! Thanks!
Hee hee...
Eat every last bite, now, okay?
"I'm glad I had the chance to give
it to you."
"I was so worried you might not
come after all."
But you did. I'm so glad!
"I can't tell you how much I
appreciate that."
Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"Now to give the rest to everyone
in town."
"Oh, and I can't forget to give
some to Lady Ventuswill, too."
Is this for me?
"Ooh! I love getting cookies from
Thank you. ♪
@アイテム0@? For me?
"Oh, my. I feel so bashful,
getting one of these from
a gentleman!"
I hope I'm not blushing.
Here you go, @しゅじんこうくん@.
"I hope you don't mind if it's a
little sweet."
I like my sweets really sweet. ♪
"Here, @しゅじんこうくん@, have
some! ♪"
Is this a pity cookie?
Is this really for me?
You're welcome.
Hee hee! ♪
Was it yummy?
Yep, it was really yummy.
It was super sweet.
Oh, good!
I like sweet things.
I'm sorry.
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"It's much easier on us than
@カレンダー1@, don't you think?"
"It's so nice to get tasty sweets
as presents."
"Let's have @カレンダー0@ every
Ooh, a @アイテム0@ for me?
Thank you! ♪
"It's always nice to get things
from good friends."
Thank you!
"I'll have this with my evening
"I have something I want to give
"Meet me at @マップ1@ tomorrow.
Are you sure?
Um, I...
I think I can go.
"Great! Come to @マップ1@
by @0@ hundred hours."
"You said you had something you
wanted to give me?"
Oh, my!
Please accept it!
It's not very good, but...
I made it super-sweet!
Thank you!
"Of course! I'm flattered you
thought to give a present to
"Oh, my...My tummy feels all
fluttery now."
That doesn't matter!
"Even if it doesn't taste perfect,
I'm still happy you thought to
give it to me."
Thank you.
"You made it just the way I like
Really? Oh, how nice of you! ♪
Thank you, @しゅじんこうくん@.
Hee hee...
Today is a wonderful day.
Tomorrow is @カレンダー0@.
"Isn't it so neat to watch the
whole town come out and be all
Oh! By the way...
We have a little legend here.
What kind of legend?
"Hmm...If you'd like to know, why
don't you come with me to the
tower tomorrow?"
Thank you!
"Hee hee! I get to spend the
@カレンダー0@ with
I can't wait!
Oh, that's too bad.
"(I guess the legend will have
to wait.)"
Hmm? Did you say something?
O-oh! No, it was nothing.
"Today is the day when everyone
in the world watches the sky."
"Look at all the pretty stars up
there, glittering like gems."
I wonder how many there are?
"I wonder if they can make my wish
come true, too..."
"Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@,
you know."
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
"O-oh. Would you like to go with
Of course! Let's! ♪
"Let's enjoy the @カレンダー0@
That was a lot of fun! ♪
Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@.
Hmm...What should I make?
"Everyone is putting a lot of
effort into it already. I can't
let myself fall behind!"
Wow. Everything was so well done!
"I'm going to have to try even
harder next time!"
Heh heh heh...
"Tomorrow is the @カレンダー0@,
my +best+ event."
"This is one festival where I'll
never lose!"
"My only true rival during the
@カレンダー0@ is Porcoline."
"I won't let you beat me,
Not this time!
Oh, darn! I was so close.
"I'll have to work hard to get
better before next year."
"Do you want to go somewhere
"Oh dear. I have chores I can't
put off tomorrow."
I'm sorry.
"Yes, I should have some free
time tomorrow. Where would you
like to go?"
Okay, then...
"How about we meet at @0@ hundred
hours at the @マップ1@
"Be sure you don't oversleep, now.
I'm looking forward to spending
time with you."
"Do you want to go with me to
To @マップ0@?
"Hmm...It sounds like it's really
hot there."
"But if I get to go with you, I
think I'll be okay."
"How would you like to hang out
in my room?"
Your room?
All right, if you don't mind.
How about we hang out at home?
"Oh, that sounds like a good idea.
Let's do that."
"Do you want to go with me to
Sure, I'd love to!
"Dozing above the clouds seems
like a neat thing to try."
Above the clouds, eh?
"Why don't we try somewhere
different? How does @マップ0@
Oh, that sounds nice.
How about we have some tea?
"All right, let's go to @マップ0@
Ooh, yes. Let's.
"@しゅじんこうくん@, may I visit
your room?"
My room?
"I, um, I think I'd like to just
relax for a day."
"All right, then. Let's go to my
"Let's make it a date in your
That sounds like a great idea!
I'd like to go to @マップ0@.
Sure. Let's go there tomorrow.
"Oh, wait. I already have a date
then. I probably shouldn't."
"Oh, my. Since it's just the
two of us, my tummy feels all
"You sure are quiet. Don't tell me
you fell asleep!"
"Um, does it feel like people are
watching us?"
Not really.
Does it feel that way to you?
"I-I should think of something to
talk about..."
What's wrong?
(Oh, that was so embarrassing!)"
"Whenever I'm with @しゅじんこうくん@,
I get a fluttery feeling in my
"I should think of something to
talk about."
"What to talk about...What to
She fell asleep?!
I had a lot of fun today.
Thank you!
How could you forget our date?
"Even I managed to remember to
be on time!"
"Please don't forget next time,
I won't. I promise.
"Did you forget that we had a
date? I was waiting for you all
Look, I...
"I'd like to be alone for a while,
thank you!"
That was terrible of you.
"Oh, dear. When were we going to
meet tomorrow?"
"It's tomorrow, @0@ hundred hours, at
Oh, yes. That's right.
"Oh, dear. When were we going to
meet today?"
@0@ hundred hours at @マップ0@.
Yes! That's right.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
That's okay. Let's get going.
All right! ♪
Oh! There you are, @しゅじんこうくん@.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
"That's all right. I took a nap,
so it didn't feel like I waited
very long."
My. You're early!
"Were you looking forward to your
date with me that much? Hee hee!"
Shall we be going, then?
"Oh, wait. Where were we going
Oh, yes. Let's go, then!
"Um, you came to hear my answer,
right? I, er, had expected you
to come alone."
"Wasn't today supposed to be a
date for just the two of us?"