Clemens Cave is the third dungeon of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Godwin will give you the pass to the cave with little prompting due to plot reasons, an act which is notably different from the first two dungeons.

Season: Summer




Location Monsters Drop Items
Area 1


 Shoulder Piece


 Killer Ant
Area 2  Ignis  Fire Crystal

Flare Element  Flame Saber

 Queen Bee
Area 3  Hammer Troll   Hammer Piece

Battle Hammer

 Killer Ant
Area 4  Beetle  Earth Crystal

Insect Skin  Vital Gummi

Area 5  Titan  Giant Claw

Protein  Field Glove

Area 7  Ignis  Fire Crystal

Flare Element  Flame Saber

Area 8 Beetle Earth Crystal

Insect Skin Vital Gummi

Area 9 Minotaur  Earth Crystal


Area 10 Titan  Giant Claw

Protien  Field Glove


Location Fish
Area 4

Needlefish; Pike;Jamasquid;Lobster

Boss Monster

Boss: Rafreshia

Its attacks are fire-based and poisonous.
  • Putting Out Fire


  • The watering can may be used to extinguish flames inside the cave.
  • There is only one watering hole in the cave.
  • Reenos are referred to as Pomme Pommes in later installments. 

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