Birthday Summer 15th
Birthday Gift Hot Chocolate
Family Dorothy (Older Sister)
Gordon (Father)

"Hey, Kyle! Wanna play hide and seek?"
―Cammy, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Cammy (カノン, Kanon) is the second daughter of Gordon, and the younger sister of Dorothy. She is also more adventurous than any of the other kids and villagers in Alvarna; this is shown when she'd rather climb trees at the Flower Festival with Roy, rather than actually looking at the flowers.

Even though she is quite odd (collecting insect skins rather than flowers, for example), Cammy's a brave, outgoing, and energetic girl - exactly the opposite of Dorothy. Though she is totally different than her sister, like any other pair of siblings in this game, they have a good relationship with each other.

In the 2nd Generation she is a mock candidate for Aaron (if you have a boy in the 2nd Generation) and she runs the bathhouse for Julia, who is too busy to work after getting married. She's also the first to know about Aaron or Aria going into the dungeons.


Oh, wow! Strawberries!♪ I love them! Thanks, Kyle♪!

Strawberry, Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Jam,

Oh, you brought me INSECT SKIN. I'm collecting these! Thanks, Kyle♪!

Insect Skin

Is this for me? Thanks! *giggle*!♪

Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Sashimi, Insect Jaw, Marmalade, Grape Jam, Apple Jam, Salted Rainbow Trout, Jam Roll,

What's this? Didn't you know that I hate GREEN PEPPER? Yuck, I don't want this!

Green Pepper


Second Generation

In the second generation, Cammy acts more mature and enjoys different things. Instead of playing and such, she now takes care of the bathhouse in Julia's place. When you first enter a cave/dungeon, Cammy will warn you of the dangers, but she won't tell any of the adults. She is also a 'bachelorette' if you're playing as Aaron.


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