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A three-star chef who's laid back...except when it comes to the kitchen.
Birthday Fall 10
Birthday Gift Gold Cabbage Seed
Family Collette (daughter), Rusk (son)
Liked Cologne Delicious Delight, Sweetness, Maturity, Girliness, Sharance Spice
Seiyū Takahiro Fujimoto

Blaise (グルテン, Gluten) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

He is a peaceful man who works as the chef in the town's diner. He has two children (Collette and Rusk) whom he loves very much. He has a sweet tooth that he shares with his son. He serves his constantly hungry daughter food with a smile. He has a dislike of wine because of an incident where he got drunk during a festival. He also has been told that he's emotionless, but it's just his normal expression.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Blaise: Unity Festival is tomorrow. I shall cook something for them.

Proposal Joke

Blaise: Micah? I can't accept this.

Battle Information

Techniques: Tri-star Chef

Blaise rushes at the enemy while dealing combo-hits up to 4-hits combos then combined with the Dual Blades dash attack. Blaise will also starts attacking non-stop and reapeating the same tactic. He can also use the Dual Blades ultimate attack after some combos and also using it in barrages.

[Melee]>Cartering Scoop (regular attack)

[Melee]>Cross-chop[Dual Blades dash attack] (sparingly and quickly)

[Melee]>Tornado Rinse[Dual Blades ultimate attack] (sparingly)

Special Skill: Food Lore

  • Throws food for the party to heals HP and RP.
Blaise Battle Level Health Attack
20 324 35
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
55 38 18
Default Weapon Thief Knife
Weapon Type Dual Blades


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