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Requester Request Difficulty Unlocks When...
Beatrix "More monster fighting." Easy Completed the request to defeat High Orcs, and reached Jungle Island.

Description: Beatrix wants somebody to take care of some sky fish. Talk to her if you're interested.

How to complete: Defeat 5 Sky Fish for Beatrix. They can be found on Jungle Island. Report back to Beatrix when you've defeated five of them.

Reward: Arm Recipes (Level 3)

Requester Request Difficulty Unlocks When...
Beatrix "Looking to buy some materials." Easy

Description: Beatrix sounds like she's in need of some materials. You'll need to speak to her to see what she's looking for.

How to complete: Talk to Beatrix. She'll ask you to find her an Earth Crystal so that she can make a new hammer. She'll pay 3000G if you can find her one. If you have an Earth Crystal, give it to Beatrix to finish the request.

Reward: 3000G


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