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Beatrix (ボナパルト・ハッタイン・ヴィヴィアージュ, Bonaparuto Hattain Viviāju) is a character in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

Beatrix is Electra's mother and the mayor of Fenith Island. She lost her wealth due to the downfall of the De Sainte-Coquille family, but she digs the hole in the back of her house in hopes of finding her fortune.


You first meet this character mining the hole in the back of the mansion. Treasure is her favorite thing to search for as well as enjoying many various foods. She is also known as the Mayor of Fenith Island.


Beatrix is a kind hearted woman, offering what help she can to those who ask. She spends her time mining the hole outside the back of the mansion searching for treasure but she stops when it comes to her daughter and food.


Level Items Reaction
Love Magic Crystal
Like Any food, seems to prefer mixer-made items

Anything that isn't mentioned in this table

Dislike Glue


She can be found in the dining hall of her mansion most mornings, and goes out to her garden to dig after having breakfast. However, she also stays inside the mansion some days, instead of digging.

During Lucky Lotto days and some festival days, she goes to the Plaza.


  • If you talk to her she will eventually teach you that you can knock on doors to visit people outside of normal hours (For the PS3 version, stand by door and move the right stick and on the Wii version, waggle the nunchuck).
  • Surprisingly, Beatrix is good friends with Gerard, a fact that can be discovered by witnessing her friendship events.

Friendship Events


Beatrix will ask Aden if he has any time to talk. If you do then the screen will fade to black and they will reappear in her backyard where she's mining. Aden will ask about her treasure hunting and she'll tell him that her intuition is telling her that there is treasure in her backyard. She then says that adventuring is the spice of life. It may be even more important than three meals a day. Aden will then suggest that she should try going to sea, but she will reply that she has enough adventuring here and that she already had to sell her boat anyway. She will then ask if you want to 'jump into the world of adventuring' with her but Aden declines her offer, saying that he doesn't want to dig holes all day.


Beatrix: Hm? I looks like you have some free time on your hands. How about a bit of pleasant conversation?