First Generation

Let Me Tell You Your Fortune

Reward : -100 G

I'm looking for people who want their fortunes told!

Speak to Alicia when she's at the docks. Once you tell her that you're here for the request at the bulletin board, she will ask Kyle if she can read his fortune for a reward of 100G. Alicia tells Kyle that he will come into monetary loss sometime in the future. Once her fortune telling is over, she will give Kyle his 100G reward but charge 200G for the fortune telling fee.

I Want This No Matter What

Reward : 100 G

I need something for my fortune-telling. Can you find it for me?

Speak to Alicia to hear her request. She asks Kyle to go and find her an AMETHYST to use in her fortune telling.

Fulfill a Prophecy

Reward : 200 G

I have a favor to ask you. Can you keep this just between the two of us?

Alicia's third request requires Kyle to help carry out her fortune telling "predictions" so that they seem true. Alicia will ask that Kyle go and speak to Cecilia, since Alicia told her that she would be approached by a handsome man.

After reluctantly agreeing, Kyle goes to speak to Cecilia. Cecilia senses that Kyle was sent by Alicia, but tells him not to let Alicia know. Report back to Alicia after the conversation with Cecilia to finish the request.

Fulfill Another Prophecy

Reward : 250 G and 100 pieces of wood

There's someone I want to talk to!

Alicia want you to ask Barrett who he likes. As a pair of complication your asked to learn what he think about Dorothy. If you succeed, return to Alicia to find your reward.

I Need Your Thoughts on Something

Reward : Nothing

I want your honest opinion on something.

Alicia tried to read her own love fortune, she ask your support as a friend.

Fulfill One More Prophecy

Reward : 200 G

Don't you think dates are fun?

Alicia want you to go on a date with Mana.

Can You Find Something for Me?

Reward : 300 G

I'd be really happy if you could find something for me.

She ask to to find a sapphire for her. Lend her one to learn what she have in tough.

Fulfill One Last Prophecy

Reward: 500G

This one's a little dangerous so I'll give you a little more than usual if you get the job done.

Which dirty work she send you to accomplish in her name this time?

I Have a Small Favor to Ask of You

Reward :

This is a little personal so I'll tell you about it when I see you, okay?

Is she asking you to go out with her?

Find Me a Crystal Ball?

Reward : Alicia's engagement item

It's the ultimate item for fortune-telling. I want one!

Follow Alicia instruction in order to find and bring her back a Crystal ball.

Second Generation

Answer a Question for Me?

Reward: A page for the spell book Fireball : Missing Page 1

I want you to answer me from your heart.

Alicia as mother or not will give you a reward for your sincerity, or figure out what happen next!

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