Item Name
Yarn - 300 80 A large ball of yarn.
Engagement Ring Love Res 50% - 1 Use it to propose to your #1 love. Be sure you also prepare a double bed! Well...after they say yes, anyway.
Cheap Bracelet M.DEF +5 100 35 An old, rusty bracelet. Slightly raises magic defense.
Bronze Bracelet M.DEF +35 8500 135 A heavy, bronze bracelet. Raises magic defense for a little bit.
Silver Bracelet M.DEF +62 27200 390 A silver bracelet. Raises magic defense.
Gold Bracelet M.DEF +88 72800 600 A golden bracelet. Raises magic defense quite considerably
Platinum Bracelet M.DEF +120 1020000 1800 A platinum bracelet. Greatly raises magic defense
Silver Ring [Atr] LightDark, Light Res 50%, Dark Res 50% 45000 450 Beloved for its simple design, but otherwise unremarkable.
Shield Ring Vit +25 68000 320 A ring used as a shield. Though tough, it only covers a short range. Occasionally reduced damage received to 1.
Critical Ring Diz +5, Crit +20% 65000 750 A ring that raises your chance of landing a critical hits. Just by wearing it, you'll know right where to attack.
Silent Ring Seal Res 100% 19800 2600 A ring that not only resists seals, but places them upon foes as well due to the medicines set into its trim.
Paralysis Ring Par Res 100% 19800 550 A ring that not only resists paralysis, but inflects it upon foes as well due to the medicines set into its trim.
Poison Ring Psn Res 100% 19800 480 A ring that not only resists poison, but inflects it upon foes as well due to the medicines set into its trim.
Magic Ring M.DEF +50 180000 1900 A ring imbued with magical power. Speeds up the time needed to charge.
Throwing Ring - - 1200 You can throw item far away with this ring.
Stay-Up Ring Slp-25%, Ftg Res 30%, Sick Res 30% - 1100 You will no longer yawn with this ring. Hail to short sleepers.
Aquamarine Ring [Atr] Water, Water Res 50% 19800 580 A roughly cut stone makes this ring quite attractive.
Amethyst Ring [Atr] Earth, Earth Res 50% 19800 450 The elegance of the amethyst brings a calmness to the atmosphere.
Emerald Ring [Atr] Wind, Wind Res 50% 19800 850 The bright-shining emerald beautifully adorns your finger.
Sapphire Ring [Atr] Light, Light Res 50% 19800 1000 A ring with a beautifully shining inset sapphire.
Ruby Ring [Atr] Fire, Fire Res 50% 19800 900 A ring with a mysterious and alluring design.
Cursed Ring [Atr] Dark, Dark Res 50% 19800 420 A cursed ring with spikes that hurt your fingers.
Diamond Ring M.DEF +180, VIT +50, Slp Res 100%, Ftg Res 100%, Sick Res 100%, Drain Res 100% - 5000 A glittering ring. Protects against sleepiness, fatigue, illness and HP absorption.
Aquamarine Brooch [Atr] Water, M.DEF +80, Water Res 80% 498000 2000 A brooch in the color of the deepest sea.
Amethyst Brooch [Atr] Earth, M.DEF +80, Earth Res 80% 498000 2000 A brooch with a strangely soothing effect.
Emerald Brooch [Atr] Wind, M.DEF +80, Wind Res 80% 498000 2000 A beautiful emerald brooch with an airy sheen to it.
Sapphire Brooch [Atr] Light, M.DEF +80, Light Res 80% 498000 2000 A lovely pink-colored sapphire brooch with a shell motif.
Ruby Brooch [Atr] Fire, M.DEF +80, Fire  Res 80% 498000 2000 A brooch shining with ruby-red light. When put under the sun, it glitters like a star.
Diamond Brooch Psn Res 100%, Seal Res 100%, Par Res 100%, Slp Res 100%, Ftg Res 100%, Sick  Res 100%, Faint  Res 100%, Drain  Res 100% - 28000 A golden brooch with scattered diamonds. Enjoy its smooth lines and beautiful glimmer. Resists all status ailments.
Dolphin Brooch - - 15000 A lovely brooch made by a master craftsman. If one of your family equips it, it enhance their status.
Fire Ring Fire Res 100%, Water Res -50% - 5000 A ring imbued with magical power of fire. It blocks fire damage, but makes you vulnerable to water damage.
Wind Ring Earth Res -50%, Wind Res 100% - 5000 A ring imbued with magical power of wind. It blocks wind damage, but makes you vulnerable to earth damage.
Water Ring Fire Res-50%, Water Res 100% - 5000 A ring imbued with magical power of water. It blocks water damage, but makes you vulnerable to fire damage.
Earth Ring Earth Res 100%, Wind Res -50% - 5000 A ring imbued with magical power of earth. It blocks earth damage, but makes you vulnerable to wind damage.
Happy Ring - - 1800 A ring that brings you happiness. Increases your chance in finding items.
Silver Pendant M.ATK +12 5000 380 A silver pendant. Simple but elegant in design.
Star Pendant [Atr] Love, Love Res 33% 75000 1380 A star-shaped pendant that shines as bright as a real heavenly body. Increases experience gain.
Sun Pendant [Atr] Fire, Fire Res 33% 75000 1300 A sun-shaped pendant. Increases companions' abilities with its light.
Field Pendant [Atr] Wind, Wind Res 33% 75000 1350 A pendant inspired by the wind. Its scent increases the ability of friendly monsters.
Dew Pendant [Atr] Water, Water Res 33% 75000 1400 An outdoorsy pendant inspired by dew. Raises attack for farm tools.
Earth Pendant [Atr] Earth, Earth Res 33% 75000 1370 A pendant inspired by earth. Its bounty boosts the effects of recovery items,
Heart Pendant - 250000 800 A cute heart-shaped pendant. Warms your heart and increases skill experience gained.
Strange Pendant - - 600 This creepy-looking pendant nullifies your defense and magic defense. so, uh, good luck with that.
Anette's Necklace - - 25000 With wearing this necklace, you can move faster. Also, you're kicking up more clouds of dirt. Stop that.
Work Gloves ATK +5, Diz +1, Stun +10% 1500 13 Protects your hands from blisters. A must-have for farming.
Gloves ATK +40, DEF +42, Diz +2, Stun +30% 120000 170 Fine quality leather gloves. Their soft green color is attractive to girls.
Power Gloves ATK +72, DEF +58, Diz +3, Stun 50% 312000 420 Gloves that fit snugly on one's hands. Used to carry heavy things. They're so bad!
Earrings M.ATK +5, M.DEF +15, Seal Res 5% 1500 50 Dangly earrings. They're so cute when they bobble in the breeze.
Witch Earrings DEF +5, M.ATK +15, M.DEF +94, Dark Res 30%, Seal Res 50% 160000 1200 Small, jaggy earrings. Coordinate nicely with a broomstick and pointy hat.
Magic Earings DEF +10, M.ATK +25, M.DEF +100, Light Res 30%, Diz Res 20%, Crt Res 20%, Seal Res 50% 425000 1400  Earrings made from dazzling magic stones. Makes even the ugliest of earlobes look nice.
Charm Crit Res 100% 350 45 A charm from the Far East. Protects you from misfortune by blocking critical hits.
Holy Amulet [Atr] Dark, M.DEF +80, Dark Res 80% 498000 2600 A charm that is said to protect one from danger.
Rosary - 78000 1580 An accessory bearing a holy cross, used for prayers. Prevents most monsters from appearing at all.
Talisman - 60000 2100 A type of protective charm. Reverses status effects such as poison, paralysis, fatigue and cold.
Magic Charm - 15000 800 A must-have charm among magic knights. Favors either attack or magic attack -- whichever is stronger.
Leather Belt Def +15 1600 27 An ordinary leather belt of the sort one can find almost anywhere. Raises defensive skills.
Lucky Strike Crit +100% - 6200 Brings you good luck. Grants a higher than average chance of landing critical hits.
Champ Belt VIT +120 - 720 An honorary belt given to champions. Greatly increases maximum HP.
Hand-Knit Scarf - 18000 390

A warm, woolen scarf. Halves RP consumption (with some exceptions).

*Note: Exceptions are skills that consumes % of RP, and fixed RP costs such as forging, crafting, chemistry and cooking.

Fluffy Scarf VIT +40 - 1350 A scarf made of soft cotton. Very warm. Cuts all RP consumption (with some exceptions).
Hero's Proof DEF +100 - 30000 Proof of almighty power. Slowly recovers HP.
Proof of Wisdom M. DEF +100 - 30000 Proof of almighty wisdom. Slowly recovers RP.
Art of Attack STR +100 - 30000 A book on the secrets of combat. Generates sonic waves and expands your weapon's target area.
Art of Defense VIT +50 - 30000 A book on the secrets of guarding. Halves time spent flinching, granting its reader a heart of steel.
Art of Magic INT +50 - 30000 A book on the secrets of spellcasting. Halves non-elemental attacks by way of magic walls.
Badge VIT +3 500 14 A vintage, collectible badge given out as a consolation prize.
Courage Badge ATK +500, DEF +50, M.ATK +500, M.DEF +50, STR +150, VIT +150, INT +150, Diz Res 20%, Crt Res 50%, Psn Res 50%, Seal Res 50%, Par Res 50%, Slp Res 50%, Ftg Res 30%, Sick Res 30%, Faint Res 30%, Drain Res 30%, Crit +5% - 80000 Given to those of brave heart and courageous mind. Ain't it the truth!